Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aspirations....... Motivation

Someday soon again I hope...or at least much closer than I am now.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taking My Happy Meal Toy.....

Okay, so now some stupid group is trying to get my....I mean THE- toy taken away from Happy Meals because the fast food chain "unfairly and deceptively" markets the toys to children.

Oh My EFFING G!!!!!!

Okay- first of all- Most of these kids have PARENTS- and I'm assuming that if they're small enough to be wanting a HAPPY MEAL- (altho occasionally I have a hankering for a Happy Meal myself MAINLY because it's JUST the right size for those of us trying to watch our waist-line shrink, and yes I DO buy one AND play with the toy too before putting the toy in the toy basket for the grand-kids to play with when they come over to my house! a matter of fact, I personally would like one of the Shrek watches out now! ;-)....)they're young enough to have to have a parent bring them to the place to get it and pay for it. Isn't it then the Parents they should be lecturing to instead of taking away the kids TOY??????
Okay, and second of all- Bloody hell- why does it seem that every single aspect and area of our lives are now being (or trying to be)regulated by some damn group or agency?
I'm sick to the back TEETH of this Big Brother crap.I'm a grown-up for God's sake. I was a child once and my mom & dad and grandparents and aunts and uncles and even the neighbors who were ADULTS looked after me and looked out for me and guided and instructed me when I was young and naive and didn't know any better and was learning. But I've been an adult now for quite some time- have raised my OWN kids, and think I can make my OWN decisions for myself and the children who are put in my care quite on my own, Thank you VERY Much Mr. Big Brother Groups!

Now, go away and let me enjoy my Happy Meal and the TOY inside.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


......or more like nightmares.

All day I dreamt that I had to have a surgery- but I had the surgery at the hospital I work at. And even tho I was in the hospital recovering for a week and a half- every two hours I STILL had to get up, get dressed in my uniform, and do my rounds and sign off.

And not only that- Every time after the first round an alarm would go off before I was half dressed and I had to run down the halls topless to deal with the alarms that kept going off.

And when I got down to the security room and checked the cameras, I saw various family members doing all sorts of weird and evil stuff that I don't even wanna contemplate. Stuff like ritual killings and sacrifices and dancing around fires to weird music and drums and stuff.

Oh damn........I hope someone isn't putting a curse on me.

THAT'S what I get for watching Stephen King's THINNER before going to sleep.

Monday, June 21, 2010

CJ's First Trip To Myrtle Beach....

Just thought I'd share a few pics with y'all today....That's Kathy, CJ's Mom and my darling daughter in law with him.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sitting in Silver Bay this evening I had an epiphany....looking around I realized that with only a FEW exceptions, the older the patron- the more shape they had......ROUND.

Not just chubby- or big....I'm talking Beach-Ball ROUND.

I started getting seriously nauseous at that point. I took one more sip of tea and about threw up right then and there.

Time to leave.

I came home, sat down until I felt less nauseous, then went on a 1.64 mile walk/run with Paul.

Nothing like a good epiphany to get you off your ass and on your feet, eh?

Friday, June 18, 2010

(Wo)Man Vs. Food... & (Amended 10 Hours Later)....

Holy cow, I blew it(my diet) out of the water this morning.
I went all night at work without eating anything.......and went out to breakfast this morning with my hubby at Cracker Barrel.....

Three eggs, a bowl of grits, a bowl of sawmill gravy, a ham steak, an order of hash-brown casserole, three cups of coffee, three Tablespoons of Apple-Butter and SIX light and fluffy biscuits of awesomeness later......I'm full and sleepy.

Life is good....
Amended 10 hours later..........

Right up til I went to sleep and woke up a couple of hours later with the worst case of acid reflux I have had in well over a year!!!! OMG- I had acid in my throat, in my nose, it even felt like it was in my eyes!!!

I was praying I would throw up to get rid of the acid. I choked, I coughed, I gagged.

I drank a bit of water to try and dilute the acid. I then drank a bit of milk- which finally seemed to work and settled it down to a dull burn.

I went back to bed-propped up on a couple of pillows to help keep it out of my throat and nose. And when I woke up- I was better.
I'm getting hungry again- but bloody hell I don't wanna eat anything for a while yet.

There's a lesson in all this.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I COULD Be A Chef......

.....especially on days like today and yesterday.

See, we're having a Birthday DO at work tonight for one of the girls. I volunteered to make the cake for the party. So I had decided to make cupcakes instead because cupcakes are just so much less grown-up and so much more fun than a regular cake.
Well, I had bought all the stuff I would need to make the cupcakes. But after I got everything together, I could only find my small 6 cupcake pan. My big one that holds a dozen was nowhere to be found! I looked high and low- it just was NOT in my kitchen.
Well, instead of throwing a major hissy-fit, I just decided to go all out and put the cupcake papers on a big sheet-cake pan and make them look "irregular". By smooshing them together, the sides stayed up and the cupcake batter didn't run all over the place.
Also, I was delighted to see that when they were done baking, they were so close together that I could spread the frosting over the top like you would a regular cake- so there was no frosting them individually!! Awesome!!
But THEN- I opened my box I keep my cake decorating stuff in....and the sprinkles aren't in there.
WTH??? You can't have Birthday cupcakes without sprinkles!!!
But these won't. Sok- I made special icing for them so it will be okay.

Now- fast forward to today.

So last night I couldn't sleep worth a damn. I didn't actually get to sleep til about 6AM and got UP at 11:30AM.
Well, I sat there and thought...well, I could make some deviled eggs to take with me to the DO since the cupcakes didn't turn out the way I wanted.
So lo and behold, as I'm getting the pan out to make the deviled eggs- guess what I find?
yep- the BIG cupcake pan.

So I let it go and just boil the dang eggs.
And then, when they're done, I start to shell them.....only the shells have clamped down on them so tightly I can't get them off without taking off the top layer of white along with it. And I'm sorry- but any Southern cook worth her salt will tell you you CANNOT make and serve a deviled egg using anything less than a perfectly smooth egg-white. So THAT idea went out the window as well.

And that's exactly why I refuse to have a catering business of my own. Days like this when ABSOLUTELY NOTHING goes right.
On the other hand, I can throw a major tantrum the likes of which Gordon Ramsey would be hiding behind his stove with a meat cleaver in his hand for protection from me. He might even learn a few new cuss-words to add to his extensive explosive vocabulary.

All in a days work, I suppose.

EASY Frosting/Filling Recipe

1 Tub any flavor frosting
1/2 small tub whipped topping
1 teaspoon flavoring(your choice-optional)

Mix together and spread in/over cake. Refrigerate.

This is a very light tasting frosting/filling.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Thanks to my sweet Hubby I now have a new Blog Header.....Thank you Sweetness.

I sit here looking at it and I realize something........

Boy, am I NOT photogenic.

It's REALLY Pissing Me Off......

Okay, I'm not sure what the hell is going on lately, but I'm noticing that in the past couple of weeks, people have been, on a daily basis, interrupting me in mid-sentence.
REPEATEDLY, in the same conversation.

And I don't like that crap. I'd go so far as saying I really HATE when people do that to me.......I let other people finish what they're saying.....even if I don't agree with it. I let them finish what they're saying and THEN I have my say. So why the hell can't they extend the same common courtesy to me and let me finish MY thoughts and explanations?

If this trend continues, I'm gonna be getting really pissy about it and open my big, fat, red-headed mouth and let the crap hit the fan.

I've had enough- Be Freakin' Warned you damn "Interrupting Cows".!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Little Things.......

Nope not the song...altho it's one KICK-ASS song that I listen to on a regular basis......
No, I was listening to the radio this morning on the way in from work- as usual- and the talk show host was talking with an author who wrote a book on- HUGE SURPRISE- Male/Female Relationships.
Well there was a lot of stuff he said that made perfect sense and he was smart enough to be pitching/gearing it to the female audience who are much more apt to buy a book on how to "fix" a relationship than a guy is.
Anyway- I digress....
The one thing he talked about that made perfect sense and seemed a logical and correct place to start was to talk about "The Little Things".
The everyday things that we deal with and the traditions that we grew up with.
Those are the things that really get to us and that we need to find compromises for or solutions to rather than the BIG ISSUES that everyone seems to think are "deal-breakers".
The every day routine stuff is actually more of a deal-maker/breaker than the big issues ever would be....with the sole exception of infidelity.
And honestly- I agree.

I got lucky in the fact that my husband chooses to compromise on the little things. Every single day. And I thank God for it. I know what a Blessing it is to have someone in my life that is willing to compromise- or in some cases, not compromise a bit- but just give me my way entirely when he realizes it means so much more to me than it does to him.

In my opinion, the trick to making a relationship work, tho, is to ask yourself this question.....
If I am lucky enough to have someone who loves me enough to compromise(or just give in to me, in certain cases), am I JUST as willing to do the same for them?

If the answer is no- then me thinks you should really probably re-think the relationship cause that ain't Love.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm sitting here watching some zombie,vampire,grave-digger movie on TV and as good as LOTR was- this is the same in BAD.

My Eyes...My Eyes!!!!!!!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Kicked Back Chillin'.......

Okay, so...... yeah...

After declining the offer to take a walk with hubby this evening,(Drop Dead Diva & Army Wives was on after all and I wait all WEEK to watch those two shows) Paul pointed out that since I took my endurance test on Monday, I've been getting an awful bit slack on my exercise regime.
And I'll be the first to admit I have. But in my defense, it has been my "off" week and I haven't felt like walking when I'm home- but I have been doing JUST as much walking at work and I have been still taking the stairs there as well.
This summer heat is KILLING me and it's not even actually proper summer yet.

But regardless- tomorrow I start back on my proper regime. I can't let all that hard work go to waste and I am determined to be down in One-derland before August!

So look out Baby- "I'mmmmmm Baaaaaaaaccccckkkkkkk!!!!".........

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Even after taking my anti-histamine and watching a BORING movie with Jessica Biel starring, I'm not sleepy in the least.

I used to be able to go for days on just a couple hours sleep- but now- I really NEED my 7 hours!

I watched another movie tonight as well....Drag Me To Hell....OMG- don't even bother!!!! It was THAT bad....and I LOVE horror films.

Can't wait for the next in the Twilight series......Eclipse.
I also wanna go see Sex In The City 2...I suppose I'll have to grab a GF and go see those movies. I don't think my darling hubby would want to go sit thru either of them with me.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


FIRST OF ALL- Thanks to MM/AA for the new swear phrase!!!It fits my mood perfectly!!(And, Luckily I don't live with a precocious 4 year old.)

So now-as Paul Harvey used to say- "Now for the REST of the story........"
I wrote a blog post yesterday about how I wanted to actually do something fun but being a responsible adult I chose the high road and didn't have the fun.

And, right on cue, an hour later Paul discovered ANOTHER FUCKING LEAK in the roof/ceiling.
Pardon my French but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH- I have reached my LIMIT with problems with this damn place.

My stomach immediately drew up into knots. He can tell me how easy this stupid thing will be to fix all he wants- and I still absolutely cringe at the thought and want to run to the bathroom and puke my guts up when it's mentioned. I HATE this house and CANNOT WAIT to get out of it. It's just one disaster after the other and it NEVER ENDS. It makes me want to rent forever and never own my own home...(Almost).
Oh wait- we RENT this one- and still have to fix the damn things that eff up with it.(In fairness we only pay a token amount plus the utilities bills which is more than fair- but the amount of time and money and aggravation we have invested in this place is astro-effing-nomical for the past 3 years.)

All I dreamed about when I went to bed was the roof leaking and us fixing it. And soon as it was mended and dry- we'd walk into another room and there would be another leak and we'd have to start all over again. And over and over and over. Once I woke up from having fixed 17 (And I am NOT exaggerating )"dream" roof leaks, and looked over at the bedside clock- all that damn mending had only taken up FIVE EFFING MINUTES of dreaming.

I finally gave up and came in here to get away from it all.....into the living room....where the REAL leak is.

God...... just shoot me NOW.