Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I COULD Be A Chef......

.....especially on days like today and yesterday.

See, we're having a Birthday DO at work tonight for one of the girls. I volunteered to make the cake for the party. So I had decided to make cupcakes instead because cupcakes are just so much less grown-up and so much more fun than a regular cake.
Well, I had bought all the stuff I would need to make the cupcakes. But after I got everything together, I could only find my small 6 cupcake pan. My big one that holds a dozen was nowhere to be found! I looked high and low- it just was NOT in my kitchen.
Well, instead of throwing a major hissy-fit, I just decided to go all out and put the cupcake papers on a big sheet-cake pan and make them look "irregular". By smooshing them together, the sides stayed up and the cupcake batter didn't run all over the place.
Also, I was delighted to see that when they were done baking, they were so close together that I could spread the frosting over the top like you would a regular cake- so there was no frosting them individually!! Awesome!!
But THEN- I opened my box I keep my cake decorating stuff in....and the sprinkles aren't in there.
WTH??? You can't have Birthday cupcakes without sprinkles!!!
But these won't. Sok- I made special icing for them so it will be okay.

Now- fast forward to today.

So last night I couldn't sleep worth a damn. I didn't actually get to sleep til about 6AM and got UP at 11:30AM.
Well, I sat there and thought...well, I could make some deviled eggs to take with me to the DO since the cupcakes didn't turn out the way I wanted.
So lo and behold, as I'm getting the pan out to make the deviled eggs- guess what I find?
yep- the BIG cupcake pan.

So I let it go and just boil the dang eggs.
And then, when they're done, I start to shell them.....only the shells have clamped down on them so tightly I can't get them off without taking off the top layer of white along with it. And I'm sorry- but any Southern cook worth her salt will tell you you CANNOT make and serve a deviled egg using anything less than a perfectly smooth egg-white. So THAT idea went out the window as well.

And that's exactly why I refuse to have a catering business of my own. Days like this when ABSOLUTELY NOTHING goes right.
On the other hand, I can throw a major tantrum the likes of which Gordon Ramsey would be hiding behind his stove with a meat cleaver in his hand for protection from me. He might even learn a few new cuss-words to add to his extensive explosive vocabulary.

All in a days work, I suppose.

EASY Frosting/Filling Recipe

1 Tub any flavor frosting
1/2 small tub whipped topping
1 teaspoon flavoring(your choice-optional)

Mix together and spread in/over cake. Refrigerate.

This is a very light tasting frosting/filling.


Seacat said...

So, speaking as the subject of the surprise birthday do....the cupcakes were sinfully delightful! OMG...they were delish! Thanks to you Sunny and to all the others who participated. It was so sweet and a nice thing for you all to do. I love my job! I especially love my co-workers! What a great birthday surprise...

Seacat said...

And yes, you could EASILY be a chef! You may have missed your calling.... New beginnings..??

Sunny said...

But in response to a new beginning- nope- I refuse to work as a chef- too many restrictions and not enough pay for the stress!!

I love the creative process, yes,,,,,WHEN everything goes as planned- but many times i just don't FEEL creative!!!

It's nice to know it's something to fall back on tho. Right now I'm planning for Karen's Pink Lemonade Cupcakes!!!! Guess what the theme of THAT DO will be??????