Tuesday, June 22, 2010


......or more like nightmares.

All day I dreamt that I had to have a surgery- but I had the surgery at the hospital I work at. And even tho I was in the hospital recovering for a week and a half- every two hours I STILL had to get up, get dressed in my uniform, and do my rounds and sign off.

And not only that- Every time after the first round an alarm would go off before I was half dressed and I had to run down the halls topless to deal with the alarms that kept going off.

And when I got down to the security room and checked the cameras, I saw various family members doing all sorts of weird and evil stuff that I don't even wanna contemplate. Stuff like ritual killings and sacrifices and dancing around fires to weird music and drums and stuff.

Oh damn........I hope someone isn't putting a curse on me.

THAT'S what I get for watching Stephen King's THINNER before going to sleep.

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