Friday, June 18, 2010

(Wo)Man Vs. Food... & (Amended 10 Hours Later)....

Holy cow, I blew it(my diet) out of the water this morning.
I went all night at work without eating anything.......and went out to breakfast this morning with my hubby at Cracker Barrel.....

Three eggs, a bowl of grits, a bowl of sawmill gravy, a ham steak, an order of hash-brown casserole, three cups of coffee, three Tablespoons of Apple-Butter and SIX light and fluffy biscuits of awesomeness later......I'm full and sleepy.

Life is good....
Amended 10 hours later..........

Right up til I went to sleep and woke up a couple of hours later with the worst case of acid reflux I have had in well over a year!!!! OMG- I had acid in my throat, in my nose, it even felt like it was in my eyes!!!

I was praying I would throw up to get rid of the acid. I choked, I coughed, I gagged.

I drank a bit of water to try and dilute the acid. I then drank a bit of milk- which finally seemed to work and settled it down to a dull burn.

I went back to bed-propped up on a couple of pillows to help keep it out of my throat and nose. And when I woke up- I was better.
I'm getting hungry again- but bloody hell I don't wanna eat anything for a while yet.

There's a lesson in all this.

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