Sunday, June 15, 2014

Star, Writer, Director.

Recently husband wrote a post on Movie Remakes. Interesting reading and he made some very good points.

The part that really made me think tho, was this.....

We eventually have to accept that we don’t get to be Jedi, flying around the universe in the Millenium Falcon. That we’re not the star in our own personal movie, and we live in world where the good guys don’t always win, and the bad guy doesn’t get chucked into a super-weapon’s main reactor.

And I have to disagree with one tiny part of that statement.

I think we ARE absolutely the star in our own personal movie. We are also the director, and in most cases, the writer. I know I'm the star in MY movie- who else better to play me than ME? It comes naturally for me to act/or react in my life JUST the way I do, because- well- that's exactly HOW I DO act/react. I live every single scene in my movie. I cry- I laugh- I get mad- I screw up- I make up and I make love. I over-eat, swear I'm going to do better, and then do it again. I think " I can do this" and I try again. Sometimes in my endeavors I succeed- sometimes I fail. I take chances at some things- and in others I absolutely steadfastly refuse to give up or give in and I fight back. I argue, I fuss, I nag. I fall down, and I get back up. I change myself- do countless makeovers- again and again. I stage the scenes and then think how can I do this better. How can it change my life movie and make it a Number One for me? 

Outside forces will deinately come into play- the assistant director or the producer and other actors -not to mention my leading man, will surely have input into the storyline, but ultimately, it's my lifestory- and I have the final say in the decisions I make and the way the plot goes. 
I have/will run into obstacles, I have/will overcome them. Or not. I look back on things that have happened in my life and become better for them. I look back at other things and cringe and hide from them. But I'm always looking for ways to make my life movie better- more interesting-more pleasurable. Both for me and the people in my life who are watching this epic thriller/action/drama/romance/comedy....and yes-even sometimes musical- (much to a few peoples consternation, I'm sure) with me.

Yes. I definitely AM the writer-director and STAR in my own life movie. 
I wonder how it will all turn out?

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