Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Numb Butts & Monkey Wrenches....Good Times!!!

Yeah- we got 'em. It snowed a foot here over the weekend, then it froze over last night- and today was perfect for sledding.

Paul, myself, my baby bro Charlie and his wife Doris went sledding for about two hours this afternoon. Our butts are numb, our hair is wet, we got hungry, and cold, and tired, so we came in to eat, thaw, and rest for a bit- but never fear- we're going right back out after it gets dark!!

I haven't had this much fun in the snow since.......1988. The last HUGE snowstorm we had!!!

I tell ya- I was really pissed that Mother Nature picked THIS weekend to give us snow- I took a weeks vacation this week to get our house packed and sorted, and with only one room in the house with heat- this 20 degree weather is really throwing a monkey wrench in my plans. However- this weather has given me the perfect opportunity for some R&R before the weekend hits with warmer weather so I can get the packing and sorting done. The carrying stuff to the landfill and donation centers will just have to wait til it drys out a bit...because with the red clay driveway and melting snow- we might get DOWN the drive and get all loaded up- but there's not a "snowballs chance in Hell" we could get back up and OUT of the driveway.

<----Definitely NOT ME this week.....

S'all good. I'm LOVING Every Minute Of It!!! Just another of My Life's Little Mis-Adventures!!!!


Odie Langley said...

Since it came up from the south we missed the bullet this time and really got nothing which I am rejoicing about. Can't wait for the 50's next week.

agoodic said...

good luck! late say happy new year!