Monday, October 24, 2016

2016.... Where has this year gone....?

A workmate and myself were talking about how fast this year has gone by.

And that got me thinking. Where DID the time go this year?  I thought and thought and thought some more- and I can't remember anything outstanding that I did this year.....nor last year, to be honest about it.
Shouldn't we be able to look back on any given year and think- "Ahhh yes!- That was the year I(insert accomplishment/event here)!"

My office-mate, Tom, bought his first home this year in May. And the year before that he changed jobs and came to work at our company- enabling him to buy said house. He also went to London for a week- just to see the sights, just like a tourist. He's been to a couple of concerts too.

All I can remember is waking up every single weekday, getting dressed,  dragging myself into work every morning, mindlessly doing mind numbing repetitive work, then coming home, cooking/eating dinner, watching a bit of television, then going to bed.
Weekends are spend either going to town to run errands with lunch out, or catching up on housework on Saturday, then watching movies or playing games on the computer and cooking/eating dinner on Sundays.

That's it. We haven't done much of anything out of the ordinary- oh, other than the occasional dinner and board game night at a couple of friends we know. And that only happens every 3 or 4 months.

We haven't went to any of the relatives for dinner, or a barbecue, or a picnic. No road trips other than into town to pick up and odd this or that, or to a doctors appointment or spectacle exam. No movies, or concerts, or  trips into City Center in Manchester or Liverpool either.

On the upside, I am going to visit the folk back home for Thanksgiving for a bit over a week. But that doesn't keep me from wanting to do something different with my husband, too.

It's giving me a headache. Maybe 2017 will be the year we get to say- we bought a new car and we bought our house.


Betty Rage said...

I totally 100% agree. I feel like this year has been wasted. But I am hoping next year will rock. And it will!!!

Lots of love

The Fabulous Betty Rage xxxx

Michael Dodd said...

I have a friend who says every day is an accomplishment when he wakes up on the right side of the grass.

When I was still in the monastery, I remember driving past a row of houses in DC one night and looking at lights in the windows. Inside people were most likely not doing anything special, just living their lives. And how I envied that! Now that I am just living my life, sometimes I get bored and have to remind myself, this is exactly what I once envied.

Michael Dodd said...

PS -- If you haven't checked lately, there is an update on In Dodd We Trust.

Lavada said...

I did see that. We got paid today so am planning on ordering it on the weekend!! :)

Lavada said...

I did see that. We got paid today so am planning on ordering it on the weekend!! :)

Michael Dodd said...

Hope it is worth your while. Another friend thinks it the best of the WhoVille stories. But he is a bit weird.

Michael Dodd said...

PS -- I am sketching out a book for National Novel Writing Month. You or Paul doing anything? (In your spare time!) If not this time, maybe you can pick up some stories during your Thanksgiving trip to develop into a fascinating tale.

Sunny said...

I think it would be really pushing it for me with the trip to the family the last two weeks of November. I am going to use it to work on my three books I have in various stages of production tho. I have to say I'm enjoying writing my memoirs the most of all them. I get to emotional when I work on Charlie's Choice because it's based so closely on my daddy's values and way of life. And I have to be in a heck of a foul mood to work on Hunter's Revenge because - well, it's therapy for a couple of bad relationships I had in the past that scarred me both physically and emotionally.
As for Paul- I dont think he is doing NaNoWriMo this time round. He works like a demon on his youtube channel, work, and he has a very demanding guinea-pig to keep him busy- and we may be adding another g-pig to the mix as we cant have a cat in our flat- that will have to wait til we get our house(hopefully happening end of 2017 or early 2018!!! )
Good luck to us all!!!!!