Saturday, December 11, 2010

Remembering Clay....

Happy Birthday Doo. None of our lives will ever be the same without you here, Son.

You always made us laugh. And gave us hope when we couldn't see it. And you gave the best hugs. The last time we saw each other, we didn't hug when I left- we blew air kisses to each other because you was taking a phone call, trying to help out a friend...and I was on my way home to get ready to go to work that evening. We thought we would have a lifetime of being able to give each other hugs and kisses. Who knew your young life would be ending so suddenly such a short time later. Just two short days....But I remember one particular hug, a short time before. You and Frank had come to the house and just sat and visited for a couple of hours. And when you left, we hugged and it was a particularly long and tight bear hug and you said, "I love you, Sweetie. No Matter What." There was a reason that sweet moment stuck in my mind. And now I know why.

Because on days like today, when I cry and want one of those hugs so badly, I can remember....remember your happiness and contentment with your life. And remember that you will always be with me...No Matter What.

I still have your voice-mail from your phone stored on my computer...and sometimes I just sit and listen to it..over and over and over- just to be able to hear your voice again.
I miss you so much.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy.
I Love You A Million Bazillion -cause that's the biggest number a three year old could make up.


Odie Langley said...

I have found it is so important to have something physical in the way of a recording to remember loved ones. That is why I recently made a DVD of my Aunt Katie (102) and Uncle Lester (93) to have forever. I am glad you have his voice mail.

Tom Scharbach said...

Sunny, as always, I keep you in my thoughts on this day.