Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear MC Etcher....

In response to MC Etcher's comment on my previous post......
"Not to place blame, but shouldn't hubby as 'on-site electronics guru' be in charge of keeping all your electronics charged up?"

Ummmmmm....Nope- sorry, Dude, but altho Paulius IS the computer Guru in our little family, he is NOT responsible for keeping my personal electronic devices charged.

I suppose I could rely on him to keep up with all the electronics, but that would make me lazy- not to mention way too dependent on him. When something messes up on my devices, I try and figure it out myself before I go running to my sweet hubby. Lord, he would never get anything of his own done if I got him to take care of all the stuff I have problems with. LOL-
( .....yeah I lol'd).

However, I do depend (HEAVILY) on him to do the virus scans. Occasionally, I run them myself but if it doesn't fix the problem I was having, I turn it over to him. I LOVE it that he can fix just about anything that comes up- and I LOVE that he can answer just about any question I have about my devices, but I don't wanna be a "poor lil' ole me" Southern Belle......I wanna be a Southern Goddess who can do it herself if she can- but isn't afraid to ask for her man's advice/help if she needs it.

We got us a GREAT Partnership here in our household!!

Just curious...are YOU in charge of your wife's/husbands electronics upkeep?


Odie Langley said...

Hey Sunny it's just the opposite here at my house. My wife is the one who runs scans and trys to figure out the bugs that happen. She seems to like it and I like that she does. Have a great sunday.

MC Etcher said...

Michelle usually keeps her phone charged, I take care of everything else electronic.

Michelle said...

I could totally take care of that stuff myself.

But it's an even distribution of work.

I worry about the cost of the electronics, he worries about making sure they run correctly.