Thursday, September 02, 2010

Crazy-Crazy- But It's All Good.

It's been a crazy week for me...again.
I weighed last night at work and I've gained a few pounds. I kinda expected to tho- considering I've made 7 birthday cakes in the past three months and indulged in the celebrations that went with them.

So from now til Halloween tho THIS will be the only sweets I indulge in....'s cooler here now (at night) so I can start walking at night again when I'm off work. I did an extra 2.4 miles last night at work walking- as well as took the stairs all night long too instead of the elevator. Since I've been lazy since taking my Endurance Test in June, I was expecting to be WAY out of shape and huffing and puffing from doing that- but I wasn't even a bit out of breath....which I consider to be both a good thing(since I'm not going to have to go thru all that training again to be able to climb them at all) and a bad thing(because it means I'm going to have to step the stair thing up for it to be helpful at all).
I'll deal with it. I'm just happy as hell that I can do ANY sort of workout after my inconsistent exercise routine for the past few weeks. But all is not lost. I am still working towards One-derland by years end...if not before.

I have to head back down to Greenwood tomorrow morning to the dentist. Not looking forward to yet ANOTHER day spend down there in No-Man's Land- but I'll deal with it MUCH better tomorrow since I don't have to work a 12 hour shift tonight and then go down there tomorrow and stay until 2PM with no sleep. I'm thinking Paul and I might see if there's a movie theatre close down there and see the Expendables. I've heard it has some good action in it and a couple of awesome weapons we might wanna consider for our Zombie Apocalypse Plan. We'll see.
I thought Easley was a little do-nothing town- but I swear- Greenwood has it beat for nothing to do by a country mile.
Then we're going to come home and do this weeks podcast tomorrow night.

And then I get to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night. But it's all good. I get Holiday pay for 6 hours on Sunday night which morphs into Monday morning. Yay!! Nothing bad about extra money for doing the same job, eh?

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Odie Langley said...

At least you have it all planned out and it's great when a plan comes together. Keep on keeping on girl and have an awesome day.