Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Accidentally Evesdropping on Loud Conversations

I've been listening to the conversations going on around me the past few months.
It makes me really sad to hear all the deceit going on in places I would never have guessed it was going on. It seems like everyone is cheating, and misdirecting and just doing things they KNOW are wrong.
I'm glad I'm not a part of that mess. I'm glad I have a husband I KNOW I can trust and who trusts me and neither of us would EVER do anything to hurt the other. And to know that if we ever changed our mind about loving or being with each other, we would tell the other and try and figure out what to do about the situation- BEFORE we went out and cheated on each other.

How do people DO that? I mean cheat on their spouse? I can understand it if the other spouse cheated first- but how do they just knowingly go out and cheat for no reason? How do they even go out and flirt with someone else while they're married to another person? How do they let that happen? Do they have NO conscience? Do they really think so little of the person they married that they can just go out and act single?

Maddeningly, the worst possible thing they could say if they were found out is..."It was nothing- She/he doesn't mean anything to me- I don't love them." Great- so they threw away someone who loved them and trusted them to have a fling with someone who doesn't matter at all to them.
Seriously? That DOES NOT make the cheated on person feel better.

I just don't understand.


Odie Langley said...

I personally think it has a lot to do with all the garbage on TV that got everyone to thinking that what is wrong in our minds is really right. Just like all the talk lately about asking folks coming out of church what the 4 gospels are and soooooo many do not have a clue or give wrong answers. This world is in fowl shape and headed in the wrong direction at breakneck speeds. We have to pray, communicate and try to hang onto our faith and hope for eternity.

Paulius said...

Sorry Odie, I completely disagree. TV has, and always will be, a convenient scapegoat.

People have been having affairs as long as there has been marriage...and given the sheer number of high-profile Pastors and Evangelists cheating on their wives, Catholic priests sexually abusing young boys...lack of religion has nothing to to with it.

Also, despite what scare-mongering sensationalists like Fox news would have you believe, the crime rate is at an all time low, quality of life has never been higher...and the long lost 'good old days' are a product of rose colored glasses and nostalgia.

The only difference between today and a hundred years ago, is today, thanks to radio, tv and the internet, we hear about this sort of thing more. We're exposed to the WORLD's acandals, and not just the ones in our own neighborhood and towns.

Paulius said...

One final point...

Typing 'Pastor Cheats on Wife' into Google comes back with over two million results.

These are the people we should use to calibrate our moral compass? I think not.

(I'm sorry, but my English Major side won't let me let this said the world is in 'fowl shape'...unless you mean it's shaped like a chicken, I think you mean 'foul')

Evan 08 said...

It's good to know there's another couple out there who realizes that marriage requires work. I think that cheaters are lazy and self-centered.

I, unlike you, cannot see going out and cheating just because your spouse did, either. That kind of shit is childish and tends to backfire.

As for the flirting... well, I can understand that one. It's a shameless yet harmless indulgence that I allow myself from time to time.

And I'm with Paul regarding Odie's comments. Look in the Bible. There are many stories about infidelity. In fact, affairs were common enough that God decided to put out a commandment against infidelity, and had to specify that it's wrong to boink your mom, pork your cousin, or do the nasty with your wife's sister.

Sunny said...

Evan- Yeah- but "harmless" flirting just opens the door a crack for something less "harmless".
No way- no how- not in my marriage.