Friday, September 24, 2010

Ummmmmm, Yeah....About That Trip To CornerMagic Today..........

In response to Paulius' Blogpost.....

Ummmmmmm, Yeah...........We'll go get the battlemap and a couple of minis... Buttttttttt... I kinda, sorta already stopped there on the way to work and bought my Pink and Black w/white dice. Sorry Babe-I probably should have waited for you to come with me- but I didn't wanna take the chance of them being sold before I got there and I Really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted those particular ones. And I asked if he had a Battle-map and he does. So if you decide to get it-and it's the size you wanted- we know where to go. So...... yeah, you kinda DID create a monster.

Okay, now as for me asking a couple people about playing with us- your ORIGINAL comment to me was..."I'll set up another quick game if you can come up with someone who would be interested in playing a few games with us. It's not easy playing two roles and it would be way better if there was at LEAST three people playing." I can see that from your perspective.

Now I know it takes a lot of prep- I saw you working on that one segment that you used to intro me into the game.......but you gave me your requirements for getting to play another game sooner rather than later....Now, I don't know if you said that to try and postpone another game- but I took it as a challenge, and you should have known I would do so. So I asked Cece if she would possibly be interested(don't count on it really doesn't seem like she would be terribly interested in it, TBH), because I knew she had never played and would be on a learning curve approximate to mine now. And I asked Sabo if he played- but didn't ask him TO play with us...I was just asking as a for future reference.

Either way, I'll enjoy getting to play again as soon as you can get the details worked out. You're on a winning streak with the entertainment we both can enjoy, Sweetie. Munchkin, Magic-The Gathering, Watermelon Helmet, and now D&D.

Is it any wonder I love you so much???

PS- I know you told me that you rolled your die first because if I had rolled them first and rolled a natural 1 it would have been a bad thing.......but- if I picked up MY OWN d20 and rolled a 1 first thing.....would that have been a bad thing too? I am curious Like the Cat.


Evan 08 said...

...if I picked up MY OWN d20 and rolled a 1 first thing.....would that have been a bad thing too?

No. I used to do practice rolls, hoping to get the bad rolls used up. But then again, if I made a bunch of good rolls, I thought that the dice were having a good night.

Sunny said...

I play poker the same way- if i play three hands in a row and lose right off the bat, I stop right there. It's definitely nit my night for gambling.

Sunny said...

Or NOT my night for gambling....either/or. :-P