Friday, October 08, 2010

Odds & Ends...Bits & Bobs.....

In case you don't know the back story- Paul and I are getting ready to move to a new home- if we ever get the details worked out.....and I've decided to weed out as much of the possessions as I can from before Paul and I were married,(minus my and my kids sentimental memories things, of course) so we can have a somewhat "fresh" start in OUR new house- you know, like most newly married couples do. Altho we've been married for over six years, we still consider ourselves somewhat newlyweds-mainly because we have yet to buy our fist home together, pick out our first set of not-hand-me-down furniture,and I have yet to meet his side of the family except for his parents who have visited us a couple of times since our wedding...LOL. I had a full house of "stuff" and had been living in this house for over two years when Paul and I finally got things sorted so we could get married.
Okay, so, anyway, I've been de-cluttering and sorting stuff around the house in anticipation of the move to the new house. A bit at a time. I figure I'll go into high gear when we get closer to actually moving into our new place.
I've gathered most of our photos and Paul has scanned them for me and stored them on our computers. Plural. Not taking chances on only one computer and something happening like it crashing and losing it all and having to try and get them all gathered and scanned again.
I've went thru closets and given away/donated clothes out the yen-yang. I've given away a few special/sentimental items to people I want to have them. I've given away/donated books we don't think will sell at a yard-sale or on Craig's List or e-Bay.
One thing I have carefully avoided to this point, tho, is going thru our Christmas things. All 20-odd boxes of it. Well, today, I HAD to go thru the things we have stored in the storage building. I woke up and got dressed and decided to just bite the bullet and go out to the storage building and drag out all the boxes of Christmas stuff. Well, I went thru those boxes with a fine tooth comb. I finally found my kids "Special" ornaments that go on my tree every year- they usually hang them on there themselves. I'm keeping them- I thought about going ahead and giving them to them- like I did their stocking holders a couple of years ago- but I found I'm not quite ready to let those go yet. I'm keeping my Golden Flying reindeer ornaments I bought at the Big Asheville North Carolina Farmers Market with the kids when they were little. And, of course, I'm keeping our Crocheted and Tatted Snowflake Ornaments my Mom gave us, too. All these are lightweight and small and mean so much to me/us, I just can't let them go.
Now my problem is letting go of my Department 56 Christmas/Snow Village Collection. We have about 19 houses/buildings from the various D-56 collections all blended together to make our own big Christmas display every year. Here's a pic of about maybe half of them.....Last year year we had to split them up into two separate displays- this is in the living room- the other was in the kitchen.

We haven't decided on keeping any of them yet. We may choose ONE House to keep. I dunno. I did decide to keep a couple of the smaller accessories, tho. We have a smaller piece that is a gazebo with a Christmas tree stand set up in it with a few people figures molded into it. I also have a horse and sleigh with figures molded into it I'm going to keep. Basically, we're going to bring a few pieces as a "starter set" so we can build on it together in our new home. I think that's a good compromise. We can sell the bigger pieces Like the skating pond and the ski slope and chair lift and add to our nest egg for starting out fresh in our new home, yet still have some pieces with some sweet memories connected to the my kids and Christmases Past.
I also kept a set of Tiny Christmas Cherubs my daughter gave me, A Christmas stocking my Grandmother Miller crocheted for me when I was like ten years old and a snowman Christmas ornament my daughter and her fiance gave us that is ceramic and has a chain of snowflakes -each with a Grand-Child's name wrote on it. I've got to ADD to it tho.....Elijah has been born since and isn't on there!! I think we need to go to Gatlinburg and get another one with blank snowflakes on it so we can add them ourselves as new babies are born!!!
Anyway, I think it's a good start.
Especially since it was the one part of the sorting for the move I was dreading most. It'll all work out. Meanwhile- if you know of anyone who would like to buy one(or more) of the Dept 56 pieces- please let me know- drop me a line and we'll work it out.

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