Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why Can't I get OVER It Already???

Okay, I'm freaking out a little bit here, so maybe y'all can help me out with this problem???.....

I wish I could get back into walking extra again. The weather, thankfully has cooled off a good bit here and I COULD go on my walks again, but since the night I heard that growling, I just cannot force myself to go walking on my own again. I don't LIKE this side of me. I haven't actually been afraid of anything like this since...well...... never, to be honest.
I have tried reasoning with myself, I have thought, "I have a 9mm I could take with me", I have tried going OUT the DOOR and only got as far as the top of the driveway(ours-which is part of the main drive from the road) before turning back.
No- you know what- I take it back..I HAVE been this psychologically damaged once before....when I had that bad accident in Anderson I had to take almost a year off work because I just could NOT force myself to get behind the wheel and drive. Not even the 5 blocks to my mom's house.
Any suggestions on how to get over this mental block, guys? Cause I really do want to get back out and start losing again.


Odie Langley said...

I am sure you have bunches of friends, why not get one of them to walk with you until you feel OK to try it on your own again. Of course the 9MM part seems to be a great idea as well. Don't give up girl.

Countess said...

Yes, you need a walking buddy. Don't walk in the dark cos its just not safe. You're joking about the 9mm.....surely?

prahalad said...
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