Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010 New Years Resolutions.....Revisited and Examined.

I posted this back the first part of the let's see how these are working out for me since the year is almost up, but I do have time to work on t a bit more......... How I've done is in Red.

1)First and foremost, FINALLY lose this excess freakin' weight!! 26 years is way too long to still claim it's "Baby Fat" I still haven't lost, don't ya think?
Well, Not bad so far- Lost a grand total of 52 pounds and still losing. Yay Me!

2)Buy a piece of property and move into our own place and quit wasting money on rent..
Nope- hasn't happened yet.....

3)Go on an overnight trip to Charleston. I love that place and miss going there. Even tho I'm definitely NOT a Beach Bunny, I think a trip to that lovely city won't hurt every 5 years. Charleston isn't exactly a beach town, anyway!!
We DID go to Charleston recently- but spent the night in Orangeburg. Not the overnight holiday we had planned- but we had a lovely trip there anyway, so this is a completed in my estimation.

4)Figure out a way to shape my eyebrows while wearing glasses. I can't figure it out because my glasses get in the way with them on- and with them off I'm blind as a bat up close- and I don't want to pay 15 dollars to have them waxed and shaped every month.
Another hit!! I DID find a way to do it- I found that using a (and this sounds gross but it works)-
nose and ear hair trimmer works really really well!! I can wear my glasses while I'm doing it too - and I can also take my glasses off and still be able to see what I'm doing!! I can really control the shape too. Thinking OUTSIDE the box really works sometimes!

5)De-Clutter my house. Really.
Working on it...slowly but surely. Got a LOT done- but still dreading the main hallway sorting. We've been using the back end of it for a storage area. UGH!

6)Get everything done/bought/paid on time. That would take a miracle, tho.
Except for the medical bills- we are doing pretty well on this one. We set a budget and am sticking to it pretty closely!

7)Have at least ONE romantic candlelight dinner with my husband.
Hmmm....not really. We DO eat by flickering TV light pretty often on my nights off tho...does that count??

8)Buy a new bed.
God, of all the things I REALLY WANTED to happen- this was at the TOP of my list...and no- we didn't buy a new bed. I did buy a memory foam pillow last evening tho- does that count for anything???

9)Be able to keep my car neat and tidy.
Well....KEEP isn't in there- but NeatER and TidyER is. Good enough.

10)Ditto on my Kitchen.
Yeah- BIG improvement there. I can't bake in a dirty kitchen.

11)Plant a vegetable garden and have it flourish. Unfortunately, this will probably never EVER happen in my lifetime. I did NOT inherit my family's Green Thumb.
Was totally right about this- just isn't EVER gonna happen. Plant it-yeas, it grows, sure....producing anything or FLOURISHING? NOPE- NEVER. Think I'm giving up on this one.

12)Find a fool-proof way to pick WINNING lottery numbers. There has to be a system or a method to the madness and I want to be the one to figure it out. Just ONCE!
Ummm...yeah-NO. Have you heard me blogging about figuring this one out? Then no.

13)Read 10 books that aren't trashy romance novels. Once you've read five hundred-which is about how many I own- you've read them all anyway. There's only so many ways a pirate/cowboy/knight/bandit/Scottish lord can ravish a girl without it becoming ho-hum.
Yep- got off the trashy romance novel kick. I've read probably 25 books this year that had nothing to do with trashy romance.

14)Pay off most of my debt........ I'm working on that one.
As I said before...working on it.

15)Finally find make-up that doesn't a)break me out....b)look like an oil slick landed on my face after 30 minutes.....c)make me look like Ronald MacDonald is my beauty consultant. Something with light coverage and natural would be nice.
I found two, actually! I found the Bare Minerals line- and for a liquid foundation- I found that almay works really well with my skin type. I use them together along with Milan pressed powder. I use Wet & Wild eyeliner(which I have never used in my life before now) and just about any brand mascara and eye shadow. I'd say this one was a BIG YES!!!

16)Finally get my nails to grow out past my fingertips.
Another hit! I now am able to grow long lovely nails. I started out by buying some nail hardener and used it faithfully for about 6 weeks. and I still keep it on and rarely use nail polish.

17)Buy a pair of sneakers that not only LOOK great- but are comfortable as well.
Yep- I found that WILSON plain white Tennis Sneakers fit the bill just fine. I have yet to find an all white Nike+ sneaker tho. So I'm walking in my *loud-ass* pink & white and silver ones. UGH.

18)FINALLY be able to wear my boots again. I have 4 pair I bought 4 years ago and still can't get on because...(see #1 above).
Well, no. I gave Julie two pair of them that a wet climate wouldn't help, ie my suede ones. And even with the huge weight loss- I STILL can't fit in the ones I have left. but I'm working on it- haven't lost ALL the weight yet- so there's still hope.

19)Buy a pool so I can learn to swim properly. (Maybe that property I want to buy will have one on it already- a two-fer!!)
No. Just No.

20)Save some money.
A bit- it's hard to save much when we're pretty much living from paycheck to so many other Americans do as well. I did pretty well, I think!!!
Dang- I may make a list next year as well!!!

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Yvonne said...

I think you are doing great! Keep up the good work. I had to stop making resolutions because I never did any of them... Ever.. Maybe I will try again in 2011.