Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Hardest Thing....

<-----How it SHOULD look.......

.............Housework wise- for me it's folding the dang laundry.
I can wash them all day...
Dry them?...No prob...
Take them out of the dryer-yep.

Fold and put them away???...Avoid it like the plague.

So now- my 6x8 ft laundry room has
1 washer
1 dryer
1 shelf for detergent, bleach and dryer sheets
and a MOUNTAIN of clean, dry clothes.
Which are now covering the entire floor of the laundry room just because I tried to look in the storage closet in the laundry room and toppled the mountain of clothes over.
Did I decide enough was enough and finally face the mountain and fold them and put them away?

Did you not just see where I said I avoid folding them like the PLAGUE?????
Then No.....
I didn't.

I mean I have a busy know...doing IMPORTANT Blogging....and Face-Booking.....and Twittering.... and writing on my books.......... and sleeping....and working a full time job......and well, the holidays are coming up and there's just so much to DO during the holidays....and....ummm.......
Yeaaaaaah, I just hate doing laundry more than anything else...even more than cleaning the bathroom.

I would PAY someone to come fold laundry for me. Seriously.



Odie Langley said...

It's like me and plumbing girl. I simply refuse to be involved with it and gladly pay someone to do it for me. Pay them girl and feel good about it.

Countess said...

Its a daily chore for me to. Although I don't mind ironing. What annoys me is that i do all that washing, folding etc, put it neatly on the end of the boys beds and they immediately put it on the floor!

Sunny(aka Lavada) said...

Ironing?? What is this ironing of which you speak????

Mamados said...

Lol I hate laundry too. I'll wash it, I just hate puting it away. Usually I'll keep my hangers under the coffee table and fold while I watch the news. That way I can be lazy and get something done at the same time.