Monday, November 01, 2010

Helllooooooo Holiday Season!!!!!!

I had to do a double take on the way to work yesterday. The mall a couple of block from my job actually already has their Christmas wreaths on the sides of their buildings.
Okay- this is going to sound strange coming from ME- but OMG- are you EFFING KIDDING?? Christmas decorations should be put up no earlier than the day BEFORE Thanksgiving!!!! The last week of November...NOT the weekend before Halloween!!!!!

I'm so freaking annoyed at this crap. I know when I put up my decorations -if I'm going to do Thanksgiving Dinner at my house- I put up my Christmas tree the day before Thanksgiving...(well I used to- Now I put my tree up on Clay's Birthday-Dec 11), and put the lights on it Thanksgiving morning and then we all decorated it that night after dinner before the kids went home. Then, I put the Dept 56 Christmas Village up over the next three weeks. Yes, it takes THAT long to get it all up and just the way I want it. Paul did it for me one year tho and it looked totally awesome and totally different than the way I usually do it and I was so happy with it!!!

I'm just not looking forward to the holidays this year for some reason. Not at all.
I hope my mood improves as the month wears on......


Odie Langley said...

It's all about the almighty dollar and every year you can see the stuff for any holiday on the shelves a month before it is supposed to happen. Whether it be easter, halloween or Christmas. It really bugs me too.

Paulius said...

It's funny listening to you rant about how people are putting Christmas stuff up too early...especially when you're talking about the end of November and I think a week or two between Christmas day is about the right time.

Course, there are people around here who decorate for halloween at the end of august.

Countess said...

I'm not a very big xmas person and usually put up my decorations 2 weeks before xmas. I have also been known to take them down boxing day. One day my lack of tradition will come back to bite me on the bum.