Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reversal Of Fortunes.....aka..... Fortunate Sun

Well, It's amazing what a few days stress-free relaxation, a wonderful husband, and a couple of wonderful friends help and advice can do for you.....

I feel about a hundred and 50 percent better than I did when I last posted.
The roof is getting repaired, the car isn't acting up quite so much since the weather is a bit warmer, my blood pressure is down since my hubby made sure I didn't have a single thing to stress about this week on my days off, and now I can get all the loose ends tied up since a couple of friends (who shall remain anonymous) gave me a bit of advice and a helping hand.....Thank You Both.

You know- when you aren't searching so hard for solutions, miracles sometimes happen at the most unexpected times.
But then, Christmas IS the time for Miracles if ever there was one.



Evan 08 said...


... and today's word verification word is "reardit." Sounds like a two-car collision... or maybe something slightly more x-rated.

Lois said...

Happy to hear that the Sunny I know and love is back.


Tom said...

I'm glad to know that you are feeling better, Sunny. You and your family are going through some tough times, from the sound of things, and I think of you often. Keep this in mind: "This too shall pass."