Friday, December 26, 2008

Long Story Short...........

Whew!!!.........What a wild couple of days!!!!

First of all I want to say I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.....and Then I want to THANK everyone who made my Christmas such a wonderful one- you know who you are.

Now.... Long story short...
*I'm now sick with a sore throat so bad that I cry when I try and swallow ANYTHING. UGH.

*Paul didn't get to eat a single bite of the lovely English-Style Christmas dinner we slaved over together because he was sick as you can read about in HIS BLOG.

*I got a LOT of lovely things from my loved ones(family AND friends), but SANTA didn't actually leave me a single thing- and for good reason..1) I forgot to put up my stocking somehow, even after hunting for it for the past three weeks and finally FINDING it....and 2) I was AWAKE cooking when I heard the sleigh bells on his reindeer and sleigh fly OVER my house and you know the rule- if anyone is awake and UP at the house, he doesn't stop...he just flies right on BY!!!
Let THAT be a lesson to the little ones and it's here in black and white(above) so you can SHOW them it's true!!!!

I have to run to the pharmacy now to get something for my sore throat....(I wonder if they sell spray or lozenge Novocain???)
Later all!!!!

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