Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not Going There Again.....

Nope- from now on, I'll just get a impersonal gift card and let THEM pick it out themselves.

Choosing games for someone is a lot like buying lingerie or perfume for someone else.........sometimes even with the best of intentions and advice you just won't get it right.

I know exactly what kind of games I like to play......the kind where I don't have to be PLAYING non-stop every second.....I like to be able to chase a butterfly or go fishing for an hour or three and it not make an iota of difference in my scores. Or even if I have scores.
like ZELDA-Ocarina of Time- Love that to the point where I could go fishing and I was happy. Occasionally, I would try and do some of the "missions" or whatever they're called on here, but if I got frustrated or annoyed with it- I turned it off and did something more relaxing. No probs.

I don't care if it takes me three days or three years to play a game all the way thru.......I play for relaxation, nothing more.

UNLESS it's a game like Golden-Eye and I'm playing against someone...then it's ON!!!!

I can't even pick out my OWN games to play, let alone try and pick out something for someone else.

I think I've chosen about 6 games that I wanted to try out- but because I didn't have a clue as to the way they were programed, They weren't at all what I wanted.
I tried asking various people to give me suggestions about the games I might like- and told them specifically what I liked to do- but no one gave me any suggestions.
Maybe I should have explained it to them like this....
"Let's say you have a 5 or 6 year-old niece/little sister/cousin......she likes to dress up dolls( like Barbies) and she likes to do a WHOLE LOT of nothing and isn't the brightest kid in the class....can't figure out complicated stuff on the computer and doesn't WANT to WHAT would you say would be a good XBox360 game for her to get for Christmas?"....

Our console is another thing I just can't get round, too.........I like a console where I have my OWN account- I don't want to be playing as Paulius, I want to be playing as ME. And I can't figure out how to go on the game console to even try and PLAY a game by myself for a while. I don't like trying to learn a game with someone who's much more experienced sitting behind me making all these noises because I missed a few points trying to figure out the controller or trying to tell me to "hit the green button on the left!!! The LEFT!!!!-OMG- You're getting KILLED!!!"
Anyone that KNOWS me knows I don't work well under pressure(I've been known to fall asleep under extremely stressful arguments-it's called Stress-Induced Narcolepsy) and it takes me at least 10 seconds to figure out my right from my joke.

I DO like for someone to be in the vicinity so they can give me advice on what I'm doing wrong should I ASK for it tho.

Yeah I want my cake and want to eat it too.
That's just the way I am.

I also would LOVE to be able to do stuff with Photo shop. Paul says I should just play around with it and learn it like he did. Well, I would, but I've had such horrible luck with everything that I'm afraid that if I DO try and learn it on my own, the computer will somehow get all muddled up or I'll lose my photos or whatever I'm trying to learn with.

And don't EVEN say there's no way I can screw up the computer just trying to learn because if there's one thing I've learned it's if there IS a way to mess something up- I'll find it.

We only have the one computer and we've gotten a nasty bug in our computer lately and have no idea where it had come from, so to be on the safe side, Paul asked me to check with him before downloading anything. And that wouldn't be a problem, except hat I'm usually on the computer when he's in bed and so it's just not worth the hassle of waking him ten times to check with him about what I should or shouldn't download. So I've got to where I just check my e-mail, delete all the forwards with attachments and then read and write blogs.
I don't even go on my Face book or My Space cause I'm not sure what's safe to do anymore.
And playing on the computer just isn't fun anymore when I can't DO anything on it. Ya know?

I just wish I was more in the know about gaming and computers and such- I just don't have the time to learn what I want to know.
.........Is it strange to want to be more of a geek?

This came off as a bit of a rant- which it wasn't meant to was meant to be a whine about how I know so little about gaming and the computer.
Meh- ignore the whole thing......

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