Thursday, August 11, 2005

Carolina Girl

I love where I live.

South Carolina is the most beautiful palce on earth.It has mountains about 30 minutes from where i live, It has lakes about 30 minutes from where I live, and it has beaches about 4 hours (a comfortable drive) from where I live. If I had a second choice of where to live- it would be Montana.

Due to all this paperwork Paulius and I have been dealing with- I have been having some really strange dreams lately.

Last night(this morning) I dreamed that, due to some unforseen circumstances, he had to go back to England. And of course, I went with him.
Of course I would miss my family dearlyif that actiually happened, but that's what air travel is for- right?
What suprised me most was the little things I began missing while I was over there.

Little things that I suppose I take for granted every day.

The smell of honeysuckle vines outside my door. Or the hope of getting a white Christmas(only happend twice since I have been born). Lay's potatoe chips. Or Doritos. Hearing beach music on the radio- or country music for that matter.

Paulius was right- they had the same things over there, but it just tasted and smelled different than what I was used to.

I don't think I fully appreciated or realized how much- or what- he gave up to come over here and be with me.
Grand adventureer? I would say YES!
At such an age- to give up everything familiar and move to a totally different country where almost the only really familiar and recognizable thing is the language you speak?

Of course, there were things over there that made up for the things I missed(other than the family).

Things like:

NOT having to deal with the dang heat and humidity. That would be such a BLESSING, even tho Paulius has pointed out to me that I would be trading in the sunshine for clouds and rain 85% of the time. FINE by ME!! I don't get to sunbathe THAT much anyway(and I'm sure they have sunbeds over there too).

Being in a totally cool DIFFERENT place where the crime rate is low. (Of course, the little town I live in now isn't the hub of gangland, but it's really seen an increase in crime in the past ten years or so.)

The beautiful scenery.(Just different from ours)

Having a good chance of geting snow on Christmas- or at least SOMETIME during the winter months. Here we are LUCKY to get snow- we usually get horrible ice storms- no fun for ANYONE.

Being in a place where everyone has a cool accent even if I couldn't understand it for a while. Englishters- (totally made up word that I use to get my husbands goat when I'm teasing him)-seem to talk very fast in my opinion, but that's probally because I'm used to that slooow lA-zy southern drawl we-all use down heah e-un th' South.......

I suppose everywhere has it's good points and it's bad points- and I'm a cameleon- I can fit in anywhere and try and find a silver lining.

Sometimes I hit paydirt and find a platinum lining instead, tho.
And THAT would be Paulius.


Sunny said...


Sorry about all the typos....AGAIN.

I really do need to start having my coffee and waking UP before doing this.

Invisible Lizard said...

I grew up in Aiken, so I know what you mean. I've been missing the honeysuckle since I moved away.

Pete said...

I have been around and around this planet more times than I can count. Some of the most beautiful places on Earth. (and some of the worst!) And you are right, it's all about who you're with! :)