Thursday, August 04, 2005

Would You?

Hubby and I were discussing the bloggers today. Thinking about how everyone interacts with each other on here and was thinking how cool it would be if somehow- someday we could all get together and have a big party.

Meet and see who we've been talking to.

How many people would actually be there and be how we pictured them- and how many would actually have the personality we have come to know on their blogsites?

If money, time constraints, and travel objectives were no problem, would you go?
And if not- why not?
Would it be because you would want to keep your illusions intact? Or would it be because of other reasons?

I DEFINATELY would go. Even if the people weren't exactly who and HOW I had gotten to know them to be thru their sites- It would still be a grand adventure to see how DIFFERENT they were in person as opposed to virtually.

I imagine we would have one hell of a party to talk about for a long, long time.

So someday- when we win the lottery- or become a best selling author, Paulius and I will send everyone a plane ticket to come to the party.

Don't forget to bring your swimsuit!


MC Etcher said...

I'd do it! Would be fun!

serendipity said...

I'd do it too....

Seems like a lot of people in Blog land over in the US put down that they wanted to visit the Uk on the recent 'Three's' tagging quiz.....

Party at my place anyone?

Sunny said...

WhooooooHooo!! Party at Serendipity's!!!

I'll bring the tequila and the Jack Daniels!!!!

Vicarious Living said...

Ok, I've got Delta on the phone. Who's house are we going to first?

OzzyC said...

Hell yeah I'd go. Who gives a rat's @$$ about "shattering the illusion?" Reality is soooooo much more interesting and fun than any illusion.

Not to mention the fact that, after meeting a few of you in person I could read the blog with the writer's voice instead of my own. There's something to be said for that.

Pete said...

Count me in! Definitely!
(swimming and Jack Daniels! - wouldn't miss it!)

I try to be myself on my blog, but I think I probably do come across a little different than real life. I wonder if that's true for most people. Be fun to find out! :)