Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sigh.......It's Finally Happened.....

I'm beginning to become addicted to an online game.

Second Life.
Do any of you guys play it?

I thought I would go on and see what all the hoopla was about.
Well, I did- and for the first week I was so frustrated because I was a newbie and had to learn all the controls and pick up gestures and stuff. I'm so not good with dealing with learning new things like that- mainly because I bug the crap out of Paulius asking him a blue zillion questions andd i feel like I'm imposing horribly on his time to do what he wants while I'm on the comp. He would just get sat down and I would ask a Q and he would have to get up and come show me something.
Then two minutes later, just as he's getting a ciggie out to smoke, or just getting back into the book he's reading or getting back into the plot of the movie, here I go with another question and up he would have to come to show me something else.
The man has the patience of Job and he hasn't complained once about it.
I, on the other hand have NO patience and almost called it quits several times during that time.

I traveled alot-well, transported- and went to some of the hot spots and favorite places. Most of the people in the big ones were kinda snobby, you know- they already had their own little groups going on. The people I met just walking around exploring or in the quieter places were great tho- very friendly and helpful.
So I learned from them. And of course, from Paulius.

Then I finally acquired enough wealth to upgrade my basic flexi hair and a new outfit. One girl gave me a new body shape and new skin -a really nice tan.......and now there's a whole new me on there.

And I like her. She's more ballsy than I usually am. But at the same time she's not lost all her sweetness. She'll do well in SL, I'm thinking.

I'll see if Paulius minds if I post a snap of my avatar on here. If he minds, then I won't.

I got to see his new avatar self as well yesterday. And I have to say....Dang, my man is sexy no matter where he is!!!

Anyway, my point is......I'm becoming addicted to this game. I'm not obsessed with it- I don't neglect RL for playing it, but any free time I can spare between all the running and work and spending time with my hubby is spent in SL.
I never thought there would be an online game I liked enough to actually seek out playtime for.
Well, besides Bejeweled or Majong, that is.

Paulius won't gripe either- not that he would- because he was the one who got me interested in playing it. I think he's sort of surprised that I've taken to it like I have. Whether it's pleasantlly suprised is something he will have to answer.
Myself, I think he's a bit bemused at this point.

Some people on there get SL & RL confused sometimes- that'll never happen to me tho. It's fun to be another place and another person sometimes tho. It's relaxing and strangely calming to me. I think since I started playing it I haven't had my blood pressure up once. That has to be a good thing, right?

I'm so glad Paulius introduced me to this little game. I'm having a LOT of fun with it.


mistyforeverlost said...

My husband did that to me with the SIMS. I cheat, so I enjoy it whenever I do play it. Which isn't often because of that dang addictive nature I have in me.

Anyway, posting here to say thank you for Mz Santa...I read her whenever I get the chance and can't wait to try some of the decorating ideas (of course, depending on if I ever get out of my dining room!) and also I read your comment on Paulius and I can't comment there anymore because he went Beta. No clue what Beta is, but now I can't post on his blog at all. He might be happy about that, but I certaintly am not ;O)

Sunny said...

Awwww, I'm sorry Misty.

I think he's regretting doing that already. He explains on his latest post what BETA is and how his"upgrade" actualy has downsides.

I know he's gonna miss your comments until you can do it again.
Feel free to comment on mine for his post if you like- I'm NOT doing the beta upgrade til they change us all.

You're welcome on the Miz Santa thingie. I'm only doing it weekends til after Thanksgiving because i don't want to saturate the pre holiday season and ruin Christmas.
I am posting about the decorating rooms as i go along tho because it takes some thought and some effort to decide how you want to do it and then gather the stuff you will need.

Can you believe that there are SOOOOO many people out there who haven't a clue as to how to decorate a x-mas tree? Seriously- some people think you put the ornaments on first and then string the lights and garland around them.
I promise you- I'm not joking about that.

Anyway...Thanks Misty!

MC Etcher said...

Very cool!

Some people claim they don't like video games, but it's just a matter of finding the right game - or even just a segment of the right game... Didn't you also enjoy fishing in Zelda? Like that.

Cindy gets into very few games, but she did enjoy Evil Genius - she was crazy about it for about two weeks.

Sunny said...

oh yeah- But ZELDA was on Gamecube.

I garuntee you that if SL had to be played with a joystick controler- I wouldn't have stayed with it. I don't like those on computer for some reason.