Sunday, September 24, 2006

Well, Now I've Gone And Done It !!!!!

I've gotten Paulius sick with whatever I have.

I hate when I bring stuff in to him. Had to have gotten whatever it is at work. I tell you- the hospital is a GREAT place to pick up viruses and germs. And I'm very careful about washing my hands and wearing the latex Gloves when I handle ANYTHING at the job.

Guess I missed something somewhere, tho.

I'm sorry, Sweetie.

And the other thing I did for only the third time in my life was to somehow manage to concoct a casserole that was totally inedible. I don't know where I went wrong- it was WAYYYYYYYYY too salty and somehow the ingredients just didn't mesh.

I've made a casserole many times that is very similar to this one- sort of a meat-loaf but with no tomatoe sauce or tomatoes in it-but this time it just didn't work.

Maybe it's because I am sick- maybe I just added a tad too much of the COMBINATION of seasonings- but whatever it was- I won't be trying that recipe again.
I wonder how many dishes Julia Child or Emeril have screwed up in their careers......


mistyforeverlost said...

I do that on occasion. Only with me, it's a cassarole I have made before that turns out yucky.

t always makes me wonder exactly where I went wrong.

Anonymous said...

Illness and bad food...why did I marry you again?

Oh, that's right...boobies.

MC Etcher said...

I hope both of you are feeling better soon!

wolfbaby said...

I used to work at a hospital and i just worked in medical records... it's a great place to get sick isn't it*rolls eyes* you don't have to touch a thing just breath the air.. ugh

Anonymous said...

That'll teach Paulius to let you cook ;)

"Oh, that's right...boobies." LOL

mistyforeverlost said...

breasts Paulius...not boobies...


Sunny said...

Dont get him started Misty!!!!

he'll be posting every nickname known to mankind for breasts on here if you provoke him....don't ask me how i know that- just know that i do.

Anonymous said...

huh huh "boobies' huh huh.

breasts (snigger)

Knockers! huh huh

(Sound of Sunny beating me across the back of the head)