Friday, April 29, 2016

Good News!!!

Well, I can tell you I am soooo excited !!!!
I finally got my new Fit Bit Band- and I have a BELIEVE in yourself Bracelet to go with it.

Im actually looking forward to weighing myself on the Morning to see how much I have lost..... Notice I didnt say IF I had lost- I said How MUCH I had lost!

At any rate...
There they are.

Now.... I'm also undertaking a new language too.. I'm learning to speak Italian!!! I think Italian is the most beautiful language in the world!!! Of course, I only know one person who actually speaks Italian over Bezzie, Betty, but at least WE can have conversations in that lovely language!! Plus I can order in a real authentic Italian restaurant too. Spaghetti or Lasagna, anyone?? Hahaha

I just started last night on the course, but I already have the most important statement down pat.

"Non hai preparato il cafe per me. Si dovrebbe farlo immediatamente prima che qualcuno muore."

Which pretty much means "You have not prepared the coffee for me. You should do it immediately before someone dies."

See? VERY important statement.

I also know how to say I have visited Rome and I have visited Milan.....which are total lies but I can substitute Amerkca instead.  Bahahahaha

Anyway, It's a Long Bank holiday weekend here so a nice relaxing weekend. Well, I do have an MRI to attend tomorrow afternoon, but other than that. zilch. I think I'll work on my books a bit. And learn some more much needed Italian phrases.......



Lavada said...

Yay!! I lost 2.1 lbs!!!!

The power of positive thinking.

Michael Dodd said...

How delightful! When I was trying to learn Kiswahili -- they were going to send me to Nairobi to help found a monastery -- the first thing I learned to say was, "Where's the bathroom?" Of course, if they told me in Kiswahili, I would not have understood. What I should have learned was, "Please point to the bathroom! Hurry!"

Lavada said...

Hmmmm....good point...after drinking my coffee I will be in need of the ladies loo quite sharpish.

Making a note to learn that phrase next!!!! :)