Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day & a Manic Week

I find myself at odds this weekend.

It was a crazy manic week at the office this past week. We had bank holiday on Monday so I started the week off an entire day behind schedule. Then I had a new system to set up and get used to at work- and one of the applications I used with the new system decided it was going to run slow as molasses all week so that make things even worse. Even giving up my lunch hour and only taking a few minutes to run out to grab a ten minute lunch didn't help, so I ended the week with a days work to do on Monday.

I ate well, and was pretty active. I added a bit to my workout routine. And I think the added activity and bits added are the reason I only maintained my weight instead of losing. But it's okay- because I feel better.
I haven't drank as much diet soda and I'm noticing that the less I drink of it- the less I ache in my muscles and joints. Im going to be reducing the amount I drink over the next couple of weeks until I'm not drinking it at all.
I've realized that since taking this office job where I sit on my rear end all day I have really went off the rails health-wise. When I was working law enforcement, I was always walking or moving around and I could do so much more than I can now. 
I actually beieve now that you dont stop doing when you get old, you get old when you stop doing.
I cant let this spiral keep going the way it is.

I believe I can- so I am.

Onwards and upwards......
I received my "Christmas dress" yesterday. And I received my Mother/Daughter Bracelet set. I am thrilled with the silver Bracelets...... not so much with the dress.... This is what it is supposed to look like..... me when I say it does NOT.

It would take a VERY vivid imagination for it to do so.  I will either have to do some major alterations on it or Just make one myself to get what I want.

My hubby finally shaved that Mountain Man beard off. It's really strange seeing him without  all the facial hair. He still has the goatee, tho.
I think I wouldnt have minded the Mountain Man beard so much if he had kept the hair on his neck shaved, It was just seeing everything covered in it that was just a bit  off-putting. i'm not sure what made him shave it off either- maybe the couple of days with the temps climbing into the almost 70's? If so, thank you Mother nature.

It's Mothers Day here...... as I started that sentence I was planning on saying and I hope to speak with my babies today- altho I know my son is working all day and my daughter was out of data til the beginning of the week....but as I wrote  "It's Mothers" my messages pinged and it was BOTH of them messaging me at the same time!! I chatted with them both for a few minutes and both are planning on ringing me after the day settle abit towards the evening.
My day is happy now.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.


Michael Dodd said...

A Happy Mother's Day to you! My 87-year-old mother walks for half an hour to an hour every day. She uses a walker when she does because her doctor told her to make sure she doesn't fall. But she maintains a good pace. When the weather is too bad (in Texas, too warm!), she will walk inside for half an hour, boring as that is. I know it is one reason she is still moving -- because she keeps moving!

Sunny said...

TY Michael!!! I have said many times I wish we lived on the ground floor so i could have a treadmill for bad weather days....