Sunday, May 15, 2016

Halfway There....

Hi everyone!! Today is mine and Paul's 12th Anniversary!!! We're halfway to our Silver!!!(Well, almost.)

It's been a lovely weekend, starting off with my sweet husband buying and surprising me with a lovely bouquet of a dozen yellow, ,and red roses and a card on Friday afternoon. Then Saturday I got up and got a nice long shower and did my hair and make-up and he got up and took me out to Brunch at Little Chef which is a chain much like American Waffle or Waffle House in the states. He had asked where I wanted to go and suggested either the nice Chinese Buffet in St. Hels, or Frankie and Benny's(similar to Applebee's or Chili's in the states)  or Lymewood Farms(a upscale pub that has outstanding food-typically British favorites.) I have been feeling more than a tad homesick lately for some reason, and I asked if he had his heart set on any of those places and he told me no- it was totally MY choice where we I suggested Little Chef. He chuckled and said if that's what I wanted then Little Chef it would be.
When we got there he had the Royal Breakfast which consisted of Fried eggs, toast, grilled tomatoes, Sausages home fried potatoes and a big grilled steak on the side.
I ordered the American style breakfast which is scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, bacon, and two pancakes with Maple Syrup on the side.
Both of us had a diet coke in a GLASS BOTTLE!!!!
Absolute heaven!!!! I felt a tiny bit less homesick after that.

Then we came back home for a nice quiet weekend. Paul spent a couple of hours working on a podcast which ended up not recording, then we watched Euro Vision Contest on TV..... while we did other things on our computer too. Euro vision is a very odd song competition...but it always fun to watch because you never know WHAT kind of groups/singers you will see on it.
And as usual-  the act I wanted to win(Netherlands) lost and the second worst act on it won.
I'd like to suggest the Netherlands contestant go to Nashville- he would do well there.

My daughter and her family moved this weekend as well, For the time being they are staying with my mom until they get the paperwork signed for their new house.... until then the kids have acres and acres to ride bikes on and explore. You know they will be loving that and I know my mom will enjoy having them all there to have a nice holiday with. When I talked with my daughter today they were cooking up a storm as they are all going to the Coyle Family Reunion ...well, they should be there right about now, actually.
My mom and Dad have always been big on attending the Family Reunions.  We would go to the McCall Reunion in Hendersonville or Brevard, North Carolina. We'd go to the Henderson Reunion in Greer South Carolina.... We'd also go to the Coyle Reunion In Pumpkintown South Carolina. And We'd go to the Miller Reunion in Greenville South Carolina.

As I said-BIG on Family Reunions.
I miss them myself,....after we all grew up it was the only time we got to see our cousins except for the chance meetings at Walmart or McDonalds or  Funerals or Weddings we mutually attended.

And there is always fun.....Games like Corn-hole and Horseshoes and Backyard Yatzi....Always someone would bring a soccer ball or basketball or volleyball or badminton set... and anyone that played an instrument would bring it and singalongs and Karaoke are always big. Sometimes- like this year- we'd have Old Timers day and everyone that wanted to dressed in Old Timey clothes and it was always fun too.

Danggitt- I'm getting homesick again just thinking about it.
Thing is, we cousins became best of friends during these times.....and now our children and Grandchildren are doing exactly the same......

I'll leave you with a  couple of photos of my two grand-daughters, who are cousins, at last years reunion...


Michael Dodd said...

Lovely photos! And a belated happy anniversary.

Lavada said...

TY!! Ty!! I miss my grands.... Audrianna was just a couple weeks old when we moved.....Alyssa was yet to be discovered. They are so adorable together. I wanna have a tea party with them!!