Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SOMEONE Has a VERY High Opinion Of Themselves!!!

Apparently "Dream ME" has a very high opinion of myself.
After a very long 5 hour night of tossing and turning, I slept for about 45 minutes and dreamed that hubby had 'kicked me to the curb', so to speak, for another woman.
And in my little dream world, I hear a noise outside the window and when I open the door- who to my wondering eyes should appear- but a Blue Police Box called The Tardis. Door Opens- and out the door comes not ONE Time Lord...but TWO.(Explain THAT one to me). Both Matt Smith and David Tennant were trying to persuade me that THEY were the person who should replace Paul as my husband. It was well weird tho because David Tennant was acting all "Barty Crouch, Jr." and telling me I should choose him because as the BEST Doctor EVER, he could make it right between me and Paul. Hmmmmmm......Kinda self-defeating for him wanting to REPLACE my hubby, right??

That's what I get for reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and wanting to watch a few episodes of Doctor Who (altho I didn't actually GET to watch DW) before bedtime. I'm surprised that since I was actually playing a racing game on the Xbox til 2AM that I didn't suggest they RACE for my hand in marriage.

Well, at any rate, it's good to see my "Goddess Attitude" hasn't completely deserted me yet.
.....and No- I can't tell you who won- I woke up while they were still giving their closing arguments- at the same time. LMAO!!!!

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