Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Inspiration -Not Drama and Excuses.

I know I do a lot of whinging on here about stuff that really annoys me and things that aren't going the way I want them to. But at LEAST I try and do something to CHANGE the things I don't like- even when I KNOW there's slim to no chance to change them.

Last night- and many other nights, I sit and watch TV with my housemates and inevitably the TV will be turned to a show about some fat person(s) who are whinging about how they are sooooooo unhappy, and then come up with a hundred and twelve reasons why they are the way they are and why they can't lose weight.

And it royally just pisses me off.

Yeah- I need to lose some more weight myself- and yeah I whinge about it- but I ALSO have gotten up OFF my fat ass and walked every day- even on bad weather days I will go up and down the stairs twenty times during the course of the day to make up for the walk I can't take. I dance while I'm doing my housework. Paul has even told me I "dance" in bed when I'm sleeping with my ipod on and the earbuds in. I LOVE to dance. (It's also why I rarely wear the earbuds to bed anymore now that he's working and doesn't need to be disturbed during a week/work night.) ;-)

My mother-in-law is an awesome cook-she tries to cook healthily and I LOVE almost all her dishes- but we ate oversized portions every single meal. And then, for a couple of months, I was nauseous all-the-time and couldn't eat more than a couple of bites at every meal. I couldn't even THINK about sweets without it making me ill- so I refused THEM as well, and all of you who have known me for longer than five minutes know what a HUGE Chocoholic I am and how hard THAT was for me to do. So, after all that unintentional "portion control", I started losing some serious weight. I've lost two stone(about 30 pounds) in the past three months. And now, even tho I'm not feeling nearly as nauseous, I've started watching to make sure my portions don't get oversized again. Plus, I recently had a medical proceedure and had to be intubated and during that time my throat and roof of my mouth got bruised and scraped so I've been on soft foods for ANOTHER week. Cream soups, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, and occasionally ice cream. Don't tell me that you can't lose weight and not still eat all your favorite foods- I'll call you a liar. It's PORTION control and frequency that you eat them that matters!!!!

My point is- after all the complaining people do about being unhappy- instead of making excuses why they CAN'T make things better- why do they not find REASONS to make things better? Find WAYS to get AROUND the excuses and obstacles instead of "feeding" them?

Last night I got so pissed off at all that drama and mess I got up and came upstairs and turned on OUR TV(that only has VERY limited channels) and turned it to something inspiring-Biggest Loser- and watched the people who have made the decision to change their lives for the better. (And the cash winnings at the end of it can't hurt either.) But regardless of whether or not they win the cash at the end of the show isn't the point.
The point is- they are changing their lives instead of making excuses for NOT changing things. And that makes all the difference in the world in my book.

My favorite slogan/mantra EVER is Nikes......JUST DO IT!!!!!!

Whew...I feel MUCH better just venting a bit. Thanks for listening!!!

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