Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Princess Alyssa's First Fancy Gown

In the South, a new baby's "Coming Home " from the hospital outfit is one that's carefully planned and thought out and planned for.

I have 9 grandsons and one stepgranddaughter. Princess Alyssa will be my first TRUE Granddaughter and I got to buy her Coming Home gown.  For the other grandkids, I made a special blanket, or crotcheted a baby afghan for them.
Princess Alyssa was a complete and totally wonderful surprise. None of us was quite prepared for the news that  another new baby was on the way. Mama & Daddy already had 5 boys. We all thought the grand baby days were over. Next would be Great-grands!!!
Well, the Lord had a completely different plan laid out for us all.

Alyssa is the only baby that I won't be there for the birth of. Circumstances won't allow it. BUT My sister and daughter are planning to set up a SKYPE session so I CAN be there and at least HEAR her being born. I wont be able to hold my daughters hand, but I can be there to offer words of encouragement and love.

Anyway, I've been looking for Princess Alyssa's outfit for weeks....ever since we got the news from the ultrasound that she was a GIRL!!!!! I've seen a few that vere cute- but just not quite the "right" one. I said I'd know it when I saw it.....and Monday, when I went to the dentist in town, me and my friend, Lynn(who had went with me for moral support) did a bit of spot shopping to pass a lovely afternoon together, and we happened into a YARN SHOP, of all places- and this outfit was on the clearance rack!!!

I looked at it and fell in love with it at first sight!!! I looked at the regular price and about had a heart attack, my heart sank because no way could I pay that kind of money for a baby dress, but then I flipped it over and saw the SALE price and started squealing like a little girl because I most certainly COULD pay the sale price for my only granddaughters First Fancy Gown. I would have gotten it if I had to only eat bread and water for a month to make up for the price of it. So I bought it, brought it home, photographed it, packed it up, and sent it to her yesterday morning.
And this is what it looks like.....(The lighting wasn't too good so it looks ivory- but it isn't, it's snow white.)

As I've said before.......I'm Tickled PINK!!!

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