Monday, May 28, 2012

Real Life Seeping Into My Dreams.....

This morning, after my sweet husband had toddled off to work, I fell back asleep and had the loveliest dream.

 I drempt Paul and I had a lovely spacious apartment, and had a little dog and a kitten.(This part was due to the fact I have been looking at flats(apartments) in the paper lately when I'm also looking for jobs). The complex where we lived had 5 swimming pools.... three in-ground, and two underground.(This part I think was because of all the kids we heard in their paddling pools over this weekend and I was SOOOO jealous of them!!!) I decided to explore the pools so I put on my running capris and a sports bra top- and went by the complex office to get a copy of the complex map.( I've also been walking and running and have recently been reprogramming my fitness regime to see if I can up my weight loss.) They were locked up tight, so I couldnt get a map for myself, but they had one posted on the window, so I took note of the pool locations and off I went to find them.  I went outside and found the first one just fine. A couple of my friends, Stephanie King and Kimberly Moffet, were in it but it was only three feet deep and they were going to look at the other ones. I went in one direction and they headed off in the other and we said we would call each other and let each other know about the other pools we found. Now these pools were on a terraced area- One was at the back of the building where our apartment was...Thats where I found Steph and Kimbers.
The next one I found was a little ways down the path- but lo and behold- it was only a kiddie pool and had less than 6 inches of water in it. So I walked to the end of it- and almost walked into a hole in the ground. I backed up and looked into the hole and saw a pool in the underground, but had to find a way down to it. (I think this part was due to the amount of MINECRAFT I've been playing lately...) So I went into a hallway and lo and behold, there was a steep stairway- almost like a gangway on a submarine to the lower level....I slid down it- back to the actual steps with only my feet and hands on the actual rails(let me tell you- my athletic ability is simply AMAZING in MY dreams) and when I got to the bottom- I was at the base of the lower deck pool. It was absolutely stunning, all curves and deep blue water with a white sand beach and sand on the bottom of the pool.....more like a natural lagoon except it was underground)- and not a soul in sight. (I've been having daydreams about going to a deserted island with clear blue water and white sand beaches a LOT lately- and I am NOT much of a beach person, per se.)

But for some reason that pool just didn't interest me anymore. I landed on my feet and after a quick glance at the lovely sight of it- I was running down the trail outside the building. I felt light and free. I felt so on top of the world I just kept running, and kept running(I saw a quote from Forrest Gump the other day so this is prob where that part came in- I LOVE that movie!!)...Past rows and rows of houses that looked amazingly like the houses on Crescent and McDaniels Avenue in Greenville, South Carolina.
Big leafy trees and the sweet smell of azealas and magnolia and jasmine blossoms in the air and a gentle breeze blowing making it perfect for a walk or run in the park. (A touch of homesickness seeping into my dreams?)

And then as I came to the end of my run, there was a trail up a mountainside and I could see a beautiful  black polished granite building at  the top of it, so I decided to walk up there and check it out before going back to the apartment(flat).
When I got to the top- it was a lovely restaurant, all glass and chrome and black leather. The view was spectacular- and when I walked around the side of the building, there was the most amazing pool I had ever seen.( I chalk this up to the Pinterest stuff I've been pinning lately.) It was on the side of the mountain- just below the sight of the restaurant, and it had a cascading waterfall that filled the main pool about 25 feet below but it was amazingly quiet! The cascading water sounded more like a fountain  water feature you would find in the back garden(yard) of a nice house.(Again- MIL talking about getting her water feature up and running yesterday when we was doing out BBQ in the back garden) Just about 10 feet above the main pool and off to the side inset into the rock was a jacuzzi spa overlooking the main pool.(The Jaccuzi spa is due to the photos of Whirlpool baths I have been looking at with my MIL since she decided to re-do the bath in our house- No- she wasnt looking at them for the bath- we was just thinking in a PERFECT world that's what we would want in our bath)
Well, There was no one in this amazing pool either, so I did what any relatively sane female in my family would do.

I went skinny dipping.
And just as I laid back to enjoy the sun and the water and the solitude...I woke up.


(I know that was only 4 pools I told you about, but I never found the last one....and I never heard back from Step and Kimbers either, so I figure they found it and it was so nice they completely forgot to call me because they were having such an amazing time!!!)

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