Sunday, October 06, 2013

Amazing Weekend.......

Have had an AMAZING weekend!!!! First the pub Friday night with some wildmen.........I'll have to post those photos later after I get hubby to show me how to download them off my dang phone. AGAIN.

(Why, oh, WHY cant my phone have an SD card that I can remove and download photos from like my cameras do??? Can someone in the mobile phone industry get to work on that , please?)

Then into St Helens for the Autumnal Kickoff of Festivals beginning with the World Market!!!

Got some amazing shots you can see here....

Flat Stanley's visit with me is coming to an end tomorrow. I'm sending him back to South Carolina tomorrow around lunchtime and I'm gonna MISS the litte fellow! However, he's taking along a secret way of using the Tardis  after he gets home so he can travel to different places and it seem like he hasn't even left the classroom!! Remember- the Tardis is a TIME Machine!!!  I'm looking forward to seeing him post on his blog where he goes and what he's going to be doing in the future!!!

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