Friday, May 15, 2015

Our 11th Wedding Anniversary.......

Today is the 11th Anniversary of our wedding.

 Because I have a sweet and thoughtful husband who is doing everything he can to support me in my new lifestyle, this is what he bought me-altho we had agreed we wouldnt do anything for our anniversary until all the auto tax and auto insurance and the MOT(Auto inspections) were done after the end of the month- because we think there's a good possibility that the car might need a repair or two before it passes the MOT.


You have no idea how happy it made me to get this!! It basically is a Nike-Plus monitor- except instead of the sensor going in your special shoe- it's worn as a bracelet on your wrist. It measures your steps, distance, calorie burn, and you can log into the site on your computer or phone and set goals, log your food, other excersize and water consumption, too.....It even monitors your sleep patterns!!!!

I'm recording all the things I need to on it- and it's doing the hard part automatically for me!!  It even has a pay-for premium service where you can get even more information out of it AND a e-personal trainer that makes suggestions on improvement in all areas it/you record(s). And it's a very affordable yearly fee. I will be getting that service after the auto stuff end of the month!!

I am in love with this gadget and even MORE in love with my HUSBAND for thinking of it for me!!!
Some women might have taken it as an insult to receive a gift like that on their anniversary from their hubby, but I think it's just the best thing EVER!! He loves me and wants me to be around a long time!!! 
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Now- I've been taking my hormones, and eating clean(for the most part-I have made a couple of allowances, but not gone overboard with anything.) and being more active. And it's working. I'm feeling much more optimistic, happy, and energized. My symptoms have almost completely stopped....ALMOST. I still have the occasional hot flash-(3 since starting the meds and diet), I've lost 7 pounds(half a stone), and the crying three times a day over nothing- or everything- has stopped. 

Life is looking up.


Michael Dodd said...

I got a Fitbit for Christmas and love it. It does motivate me to walk and that is a good thing. Hope yours helps you meet your goals as well.
Happy anniversary!!!!

Lavada said...
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Lavada said...

Thanks Michael- I remembered you had one- and now I see what you mean by motivation!! It was a complete surprise but I'm loving it. We went and got Paul one today- his is one of the ones with the bigger face on it and you can see all your info on it instead of looking at your phone or laptop...I'm actually glad I have the one that doesnt do all that....I would be playing with it all the time at work and get fired. LOL... on the upside- that would give me a lot more time to be active, wouldnt it? Hahaha- Always looking for that silver lining!! :)

Michael Dodd said...

I forgot to mention that I love the wedding photo! It's adorable.

Lavada said...

TY Michael, We were laughing at the grandsons who were trying to be positioned for the Group photo. One would sit on the step- the other would stand- then the other would stan and the first one would sit!! It was hilarious- and this above all the others, is my favorite one of them all!!!!

Michael Dodd said...

Just checking in. Also, I don't know if you saw that Tom and I were on television. Here is the link to the blog post, in case you missed it.