Sunday, February 21, 2016


I reminded hubby beginning tomorrow it's MY Birthday week....then informed him that he would be providing our evening meals and doing the cleanup after.
He said NO way- I said yes Indeed...
He said I was going to be very surprised- I said HE'S the one going to be surprised.
He takes the entire week off for HIS Birthday week- AND I cook and clean for him that week, too. He does nothing except chill and relax that week. I even order the grocery shopping to be delivered so he doesn't have to drive(which he HATES doing)- and I take a taxi/bus to and from work so he doesn't have to go out to take me and pick me up from work during that week. How hard can it be for him to pick up a £10 ready-meal at Tesco (since he already goes there for lunch every day)and then pop it in the oven for four days????.....And that's a Main, a Side dish, a dessert AND a bottle of wine.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

Am I doing anything special? Not really, per se. I'm taking the day before(24th) ...the day of(25th)....and the day after(26th) off. Then with the weekend it will be a 5 day holiday for me.

I am doing one thing constructive(?) thing. While Hubby is at work Wednesday I'm clearing out the back room and setting up my Vanity/dressing table. I'm sick to death of all my cosmetics and skin creams and hair accessories being scattered all over the house like they are now. So it's time to fix it. I can't really do it when he's home because my method of organizing drives him mad. I basically take everything out and put it in the proper places, rather than one thing at a time-ing it.  It looks like a tornado has went thru until the very end when I gather all the excess faff and dispose of it. And when someone come in and starts freaking out over the way I do it- I just get frustrated and upset and walk away so it doesn't get finished til I'm in the mood again.

The house is pretty much messed up now- There's a very good reason for it tho.
As you all know I did my makeover a month ago. Well, it was fab for the first week, then my hair rollers arrived and I set it myself. OMG- old lady frizzy perm hair is the only way to describe it. I've had to keep it pulled back into an Alice Band for the past two weeks because of it. SOOO not good. I thought, well, it's early days. I just need to keep on trying. Practice makes perfect and all that rubbish, you know. So I have used different methods....wet hair, dry hair, towel dry hair- mousse, name it- I've tried it. It always ends up frizzy in the end.
And I have gotten more and more and more frustrated as time has gone on.
Finally, I said NO MORE ROLLERS. I knew I had a curling iron somewhere in the house, but as I hadn't used it since moving here almost 4 years ago, I hadn't a clue WHERE it was- just that it WAS here ...somewhere. (Lord, I detest that word- My mama's standard answer when you asked if she knew where something was, was always "Of course I do. It's here.....somewhere." And that was as far as it went. You found it yourself or it stayed lost.
Anyway, In the past week, I have turned the house pretty much upside down searching for that curling iron. And finally- yesterday afternoon- I found it.
Thank the Lord. Now I can put my hair back to some semblance of the style I wanted. So now all I have to do is rearrange a few items of furniture- then gather up all the faff and dispose of it. The biggest chunk of time will be setting up the particulars of the Vanity table. I haven't quite found exactly what I want for the top yet- but I have something that will work(I hope) til I get my final piece of the puzzle.This is what I'm modeling my table after-

My chests are light birch wood tho- and I want a maple- or cherry  or black top for it. Makeup stains wont show nearly as bad on a darker top than that white shown in the model.
I also have a sweet black padded office chair to use instead of the tufted bench seat.
 so yeah...That's what I'll be doing the day before my Birthday.

On my birthday, Im having my Bezzie down and we're having a Goddess Day Out to peruse the charity/vintage shops to see if we can score some sweet fashions- (Her clothing and accessories/Me handbags and accessories)and  then lunch before heading home. We havent had a good face to face in over a year and I miss her!!!

Then Hubby is taking the day after my Birthday off and  we're spending a long weekend together.

So- That's it so far.
I'll let y'all know how it all works out as we go along!


Michael Dodd said...

Have a glorious week, a fabulous day on The Day and a wonderful new year of life!

The vanity table idea looks great.

My hair is all cowlicks -- what hair is left -- and it usually looks good for about two days after I get it cut. Then I slowly morph back into my Dagwood Bumstead look until I break down and have it cut again. I need to be one of those celebrity-types who has someone come in and do my hair every morning before I venture out among the paparazzi.

Michael Dodd said...

Happy day to you!