Friday, February 04, 2011

20 Observations......

*Heartburn/Ulcer Pain is much easier to deal with -with the right meds.

*Cats cause ulcers. Especially when they are in heat and yowling all the time for a week straight.

*Husbands seem to think that snoring is something you can control and you do on purpose just to annoy them.

*Someone could make a million dollars if they invented dishes that have an automatic self-cleaning mode. Can someone get to work on that IMMEDIATELY, Please????

*According to a TV Commercial, kids will eat healthy veggies but only if you cover them in creamy fattening salad dressing....kind of defeats the whole healthy eating idea, tho, doesn't it?

*Sometimes, MAYBE actually does mean there's a possibility. My parents apparently thought it just mean NO.

*It's always a bad idea to push any button in a locked box so someone you don't know, somewhere in the world will die and you can get a million dollars....million dollars be damned....I ain't doing it....some bad-assed MoJo is gonna come back to bite you on the ass- HARD...mark my words.

*Naps now only come in two lengths.....43 minutes or 14 hours. Your choice.

*Apparently, the first thing to go as *I* age is the memory that you have to reinforce boxes with extra tape BEFORE you pack all sorts of heavy stuff in them. My Bad.

*It's REALLY bad form to whine and complain about fellow bloggers not posting when you only do it once or twice a month yourself....Again- My Bad.

*The computer's *On* switch has magical powers for alerting the cats to come running into the room and climbing in your lap. Works better than opening a can of tuna in the kitchen. This comes in handy if they're inside cats and they run out the door and you want to get them back in quickly and efficiently. Very Handy indeed!

*Fast food is NOT good for anyone trying to lose weight. Eventually the food is faster than you are.

*Walking in new shoes makes you have blisters on your feet. Putting band-aids on the blisters only causes more friction which cause bigger blisters. Just sayin'....

*Chocolate IS an addiction I can overcome. Lately, I'm craving fruit. Even my cakes are taking on Fruit flavors instead of my standard "Chocolate & ..." Themes. Scary.

*My Birthday Cake this year is going to be Snowflake Cake with Vanilla/Orange Filling and Cream-Cheese/Orange Frosting.

*Kids never tell you about the projects and reports they have to do until two days before they're due.

*Snow more then twice a winter season is not a good thing unless your name is Santa or Frosty or you're one of the Coca-Cola Polar Bears.

*Tax refunds always seem to be less than you expect them to be.

*I was always under the impression that packing and moving are a Royal PITA.....and my opinion hasn't changed a BIT.

*Everything in life can be played out with the Star-Wars cast in mind. (My husband will be so proud that I came up with this particular observation!!!)

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Odie Langley said...

That was very good Sunny.