Sunday, February 13, 2011

We Can Haz Home???? (A Note From Logan...)

Hi There!!

I'm Logan(Left & on top) and this is my friend Lucy(on bottom being cuddled during a nap with me).

We’re both very loving cats who were rescued from the shelter by our “now” owners, but our owners are moving to England in early March and we need to find a new home as soon as possible.

I, Logan, am an adult black and white male who has been “fixed”.(I personally don’t think I was broken to begin with, but they “fixed” me anyway.) I like to cuddle and be scratched under the chin. I rarely “chat’ and am pretty quiet and laid back most of the time.

My little friend, Lucy, is a 1 year old black and ginger sprinkled female who was too young to be “fixed” when we came home with our “now” owners and they felt there wasn’t really a need to “fix” her since I was “fixed” already, but they have the adoption papers for her so she can be ‘fixed” for free. Lucy likes to chase laser pointer lights, Or flashlights, and when she “chats” she sounds like a Tribble.

We’d like to stay together, but if we have to- we’ll go to separate homes.

Please contact our now owners at 864-855-6916 if you think you would like to have us live with you and could give us a warm and happy place to live. They don’t allow us to answer the phone- so if they don’t answer- please leave a message with your name and number and they will return your call as soon as possible!!

Hope to meet you soon!!!

Logan & Lucy


Sunny said...

As their owner- I can tell you they're both GREAT mousers, too!!!

Countess said...'re shifting to England?
(you've probably told me in an earlier post but I've had a bit on my plate and haven't really caught up with anyones news recently)
Gosh thats a big lifestyle change for you Sunny.

So hard to say goodbye to pets but it shouldn't be too hard to find homes for those 2....soo cute :)

irene van Dijk said...

So sweet!