Thursday, September 08, 2011

Food For Thought....

No this isn't gonna be a philosophical post.

It's about cabinets Vs. a Pantry.

I am a pantry kinda girl. I would LOVE to have a huge(or even not so huge) walk in pantry where all my foodstuffs are out on shelves where I can see it all at a glance. And a place for all the special occasion or extra dishes and all the small appliances that you use on a fairly regular basis- but not often enough (nor have room) to have out every day.

My parents old house in Easley had a tiny galley kitchen in it that had a open peninsula bar that opened into the dining-room. In between the kitchen and the living-room was a lovely little pantry where we kept all our boxed and canned food.

It was lovely. (It was also a lovely place to put annoying little siblings when they were being deliberately, especially, annoying....Yeah- we got punished for putting them in there- but for the 5 minutes of peace you got when you did it-not to mention the way they avoided you for the rest of the was well worth it. Heh.)

I just LOVE a pantry- it makes me feel like a kitchen queen surveying my kingdom.

Sigh....I need a life. LMBO!!!

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Dianne said...

I LOVE a pantry also! And I'm especially "jealous" of my niece who has a "dish pantry" where she so neatly stores all her sets of dishes for all the different seasons. My husband just cannot understand why I like dishes so much. The only time he has visited my family in Memphis, so far, I showed him my niece's dish pantry. He was quiet for a few moments - then said "well, I guess it's a SOUTHERN thing"! exasperated sigh on my part then...