Thursday, October 13, 2011


Well, it finally happened. My laptop finally gave up the ghost this morning. I went on it for a couple minutes, then turned it off and went downstairs for a couple hours. Then came back up to look up a recipe and ....Nothing. It wouldn't do ANYTHING.

Hubby looked at it- tried a couple of things- nothing worked. So...he ended up having to wipe it and and do a reinstall. He's such a wonderful guy.

I lost everything. He had been telling me for the past few months I needed to put my photos and my book and a few other things in a file and back them up. But me being me, I just procrastinated a day too long and so I lost everything. That'll teach me.

Thank GOD he had already got quite a few of my photos and Clays Voicemail Greeting off my computer before we moved over here.

Paul, my darling husband, is My Hero.

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Andrea @ Strawberry Chic said...

Oh man I hate when that happens! My computer will do that every once in a while, and then it will mysteriously come back to life. Luckily we started saving all of our photos on both computers as well as our external hard drive. Technology can be so scary and unpredictable!