Friday, March 09, 2012

One Year Anniversary- Part II- What I LOVE about England.

Well as I said yesterday. I DO miss many MANY things about home.
But- there are many MANY things about living in England that I LOVE as well...

...the weather. The temperatures are much more level here. Not nearly as extreme cold and hot as at home. Yeah, it's a bit more wet here for a lot of the time, but I can live with damp as long as there's not a lot of money for a leaky roof involved.
...The countryside. Everything is such a lovely green here!!! Must be all the rain we get over here!!!
...Clouds. No matter what the day you have them...big white fluffy ones on nice days. Grey and white ones on partly cloudy days... and heavy grey ones on the days it's raining. All lovely.
...New foods. It's been a real education trying new foods- and new versions of foods we have back home too. Dining out(and sometimes IN) has been an adventure in itself and I have loved almost every second of it.

...being able to walk almost everywhere. I walk to the post office, to the market, to the doctors office for my appointments, to the library, the hair salon and to my friends and in-laws houses.  It's been a real BOON to my weight loss and since moving here I'm no longer even PRE-diabetic. Almost EVERYONE walks here.
...Public Transportation. Most people wouldn't consider P/T a plus, but I do. I LOVE riding the bus and taking the train to the bigger cities and towns. And as I said before- walking around in the towns when I arrive there. I never thought I could ever live in a town or city, but I'm getting used to the lifestyle and could easily see myself living in a flat in City Center somewhere.
...The accents. It seems to me that every 5 miles a different accent emerges. And I love listening to people talking with them.
...Body image. It's MUCH more realistic here. If people are a bit overweight- no one much cares. You arent under the pressure to look like a fashion model or movie-star or celebrity all the time. Actors and actresses on TV dont all LOOK like perfect people...they look like someone you would pass on the sidewalk as you walk to the market. Yes, there are a few exceptions to that rule- but arent there always a few exceptions? And that's what I like about it- it IS the exception- NOT the rule.
...drinking. It's not frowned upon like it is in the South. If you drink, it's normal, and you're not looked down on or made to feel like you're a BAD person. You're just part of the group.
...The medical system. I can be looked at if I'm sick, get my meds for so much less than in the states, and not have to worry about having to decide if I am going to pay the medical bill or pay my rent and get groceries.  I LOVE this country's system.
...I've loved having this time off work. I've had a good resting holiday, but I'm ready to go back to work now please. That's all I'm saying about that.
...Aero Candy bars. Fish and chips. Scones. Bacon that's really Ham. GREAT coffee(once you find out which is the GOOD brands). Chocolates. Lager and Lime. Irish Meadow. ByGone Times.  Tesco. Aldi. Iceland. Gregg's. Mark & Spenser. Puntos. Ford Mundeos.  Wine. Beer. Vodka. Jack Daniels. Gordons.

Yes. All in all, I can't say I'm NOT happy here. If I had some familiar faces from home I would be PERFECTLY happy-
but Life is Good, and getting even better!!!


Edinburgh Flats said...

Fantastic read. Just wanted to comment and let you know. Thanks

Megan said...

Hi I've just stumbled across your blog and I really like it. It's really interesting to hear you opinion of England. and to learn about all the contrasts of life here. x

Mike Kurilko said...

Very cool! Keep blogging!