Friday, March 23, 2012

Edinburgh Flats

I've been blogging for a few years now.  I've blogged about a LOT of topics. And I have a few loyal followers.
I usually check out their blogs when someone comments and there are very FEW I don't follow now myself.

Recently, one person has started reading and commenting on my posts and it has intrigued me.  I followed the link and it took me to a real estate site.
Hmmm...kinda frustrating. I mean, I like to know the people behind the comments. Curious as a cat, me!!! Always have been, always will be. I'm the person who unwraps the gifts under the tree and then wraps the packages and puts them back under the tree so no one knows I've been in them. True Story. It's so bad my family have taken to either waiting til Christmas Eve to bring me my gifts or if they give them to me early to put under the tree- they SHRINK WRAP them so I can't cheat. Darn them.

I mean I dont wanna stalk them or anything,(altho my Blog list is titled "Some People I Stalk") but if they have a real blog(and by real I mean a personal blog) I wanna see it!! PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEE!!!! Pretty please?

You can contact me by email on my least I'm pretty sure you can...I'll check it as soon as I post this.

And Thank you ALL for reading and commenting. I know I havent been very prolific lately, but I've had a few health issues the past couple of months. But I promise I'll try and do better. It would probably help a LOT if I had a job so I had more things to blog about. Right now my life pretty much is a routine of get up, look and apply for jobs, eat a bite of brunch, check for replies to jobs I've applied for, play a few games on Facebook, go for a walk if weather permits, take a shower, have dinner with hubby after he gets in from work, watch a movie with him before bed.....Then I start all over again the next day.  Not very exciting my life at the moment. But somehow- I manage to find a few tidbits to tell yall about. It's a gift. Or a curse. I do love to talk, I guess it just depends on how MUCH you are forced to listen to me yammer on about what's been going on in my day as to whether it's a gift or a curse.

Husband would defo say it's his CURSE. LMBO!!
Anyway...Thanks again, y'all!!
Have a GREAT weekend!!!


Sunny said...

Well, it seems you're directed back to the blog when you click the Contact Me thingie on the profile. I'll have to change that- but until then you can contact me at-

Sunny said...

All sorted now..... same addie.

Berry.Rachel said...

Hi Sunny(:

I just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you're having a lot of fun in England; I wish I could go there. :) Have a lovely day.