Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Southern Redneck Goddess- I'm Still Here- In ALL My Glory..

Well,altho I thought she was gone, me, in all my Southern Redneck Goddess glory, finally showed up and came out swinging yesterday at the damn dentist.

Well, I told yall that they(the dentist) told me last month that I needed to get all my teeth on the bottom pulled or I was gonna lose bone in my gums and wouldnt be able to support a denture, right?
Well, last week she told me she wanted to leave two in- the sort of vampire teeth...canines I believe...
I told her no- if they was gonna pull them I wanted to do them all at once- I didnt want to leave two and have to go thru the same expense again in a year which was all the time she gave me for the others two to stay before they had to be pulled too.
Well, Yesterday, I went in- and all of the sudden, without consulting me or giving me a choice- AFTER me paying for the extractions and dentures to be done, she decides that they arent going to do the extractions OR the dentures.Neither was needed.
And OUT the Goddess popped.
I said" Wait a minute...What was all that emergency crap you told me last month? So all that was a LIE???

Then she started backpeddling and all and was trying to say she didn't say all that- but I have the damn paperwork they gave me that she wrote up herself saying EXACTLY what teeth needed to be pulled and all to prove it.
And I told her so.

She tried to change the subject and said "Well, you have a filling in the tooth that's broken off that we can replace today and then..."
And I told her " Uh-uh...no you ain't. What's gonna happen is I'm gonna go home now and decide if I wanna sue your ass for all the stress you put me thru....AND I want a refund for all the work thats NOT gonna be done now and I want it TODAY."
I am STILL pissed about it. And I still havent decided what I'm gonna do- other than find a new dentist.


Lloyd Williams said...

Hey :) I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out the details at my blog if you want :)


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