Friday, April 27, 2012

21 Day Sugar Detox ......Day 5

Well, The 21 Day Sugar Detox is going SWIMMINGLY well!!!! I started it Monday- and have weighed myself every morning as soon as I get up and come downstairs. I started out at 15 stone 13 lbs...and today am at 15 stone 4 lbs. A loss of 9 pounds so far.

I was worried last night because we went out to an Indian Restaurant to celebrate my Father-in-laws 60th Birthday and I had never eaten Proper Indian food before. ...when I got there, I was pleased to find a clay baked chicken dish served with rice, curry sauce and salad on the side. amongst all the cream sauces and hot spicy tomato sauces. So I ordered the chicken dish, and when it came I'm delighted to say it was very nice. I ate not a spoonful of the rice, and only had a teaspoon of the curry sauce on the chicken. I ate all the salad, PLUS my husbands tomato slice and cucumber slice he didnt want to eat. Then when we were served the Birthday cake, I had a tiny slice- and I fed half of it to my husband and I only took two bites of it and left the rest on my plate. And the cake that was leftover and brought home- I havent even had the slightest craving for it or been tempted to go get "just a bite".

I am SOOO loving this Detox. It's suggested that when you do this detox, you slowly introduce the "avoid" foods back into your diet after the detox. I think I will, but I think every couple of months I might do the detox again until I reach my goal weight of 10 stone.(140 lbs), and I want to be at my goal weight by Christmas.

Have a GREAT weekend Y'all!!!!!

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