Friday, April 27, 2012

21 Day Sugar Detox ......Day 5

Well, The 21 Day Sugar Detox is going SWIMMINGLY well!!!! I started it Monday- and have weighed myself every morning as soon as I get up and come downstairs. I started out at 15 stone 13 lbs...and today am at 15 stone 4 lbs. A loss of 9 pounds so far.

I was worried last night because we went out to an Indian Restaurant to celebrate my Father-in-laws 60th Birthday and I had never eaten Proper Indian food before. ...when I got there, I was pleased to find a clay baked chicken dish served with rice, curry sauce and salad on the side. amongst all the cream sauces and hot spicy tomato sauces. So I ordered the chicken dish, and when it came I'm delighted to say it was very nice. I ate not a spoonful of the rice, and only had a teaspoon of the curry sauce on the chicken. I ate all the salad, PLUS my husbands tomato slice and cucumber slice he didnt want to eat. Then when we were served the Birthday cake, I had a tiny slice- and I fed half of it to my husband and I only took two bites of it and left the rest on my plate. And the cake that was leftover and brought home- I havent even had the slightest craving for it or been tempted to go get "just a bite".

I am SOOO loving this Detox. It's suggested that when you do this detox, you slowly introduce the "avoid" foods back into your diet after the detox. I think I will, but I think every couple of months I might do the detox again until I reach my goal weight of 10 stone.(140 lbs), and I want to be at my goal weight by Christmas.

Have a GREAT weekend Y'all!!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Versitile Blogger Award!!!-I've Been Nominated!!! :-D

Today I have some exciting news for you all now, especially those who are my loyal and dedicated followers! (all 50 of you!!)........and my regular readers who arent following me. (All approx 200 of you!!!)

I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Lloyd Williams @!!!!!
:-D...TY Lloyd!!!!
I'm told it is a great honour to have been nominated, and especially to have been nominated by someone who has been nominated for this award too.  Lloyds blog has a big reach and has some very good posts  and it is well worth having a check out!

These are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:
* Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging. 
*Let them know that you have nominated them. 
*Share 7 random facts about yourself.  
* Thank the Bloggers that have nominated you. 
*Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

Now- 7 Random Facts About me....
First of all, I'm not sure I can even THINK of 7 INTERESTING facts about me that you, as my regular and loyal readers, don't know already. But I'll try and scrape something new out of my memory stick....I mean brain.

One- I'm one of those odd people who are stuck smack in between being a tomboy and a girly girl, being shy and outgoing, and being a geek and a ditzy blonde. Figure THAT one out!

Two-My favorite Vegetable is either okra, potato, or tomato...(I do NOT consider a Tomato a FRUIT.)

Three-My Favorite Fruit is either pineapple, banana or coconut.

Four-I smoke when I get really really stressed. Thankfully that doesn't happen terribly often and goes away after a couple of ciggis. Am I still considered a non-smoker?

Five-I've been bitten by a dog several times in my adult life. Never as a child.

Six-If I could choose to become a vampire, I'm still undecided as to whether or not I would do it. I love the IDEA of immortality, but to live forever and see everyone you love leave you one by one is something I can't quite reconcile myself to.

Seven-If I could change one thing about my life- it would be to go back and change my education and career choices.

Hmmmm...That wasn't so hard after all.

Again, Thank you Lloyd Williams for the nomination.

These are the few peeps I've nominated.....

I had a few more I could have nominated- but didnt because their blogs are of a more personal nature and I wanted to get their permission first. Tom, Michael, yours are two of them. Lemme know if you dont mind and yours will go on the list as well. ;-)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Southern Redneck Goddess- I'm Still Here- In ALL My Glory..

Well,altho I thought she was gone, me, in all my Southern Redneck Goddess glory, finally showed up and came out swinging yesterday at the damn dentist.

Well, I told yall that they(the dentist) told me last month that I needed to get all my teeth on the bottom pulled or I was gonna lose bone in my gums and wouldnt be able to support a denture, right?
Well, last week she told me she wanted to leave two in- the sort of vampire teeth...canines I believe...
I told her no- if they was gonna pull them I wanted to do them all at once- I didnt want to leave two and have to go thru the same expense again in a year which was all the time she gave me for the others two to stay before they had to be pulled too.
Well, Yesterday, I went in- and all of the sudden, without consulting me or giving me a choice- AFTER me paying for the extractions and dentures to be done, she decides that they arent going to do the extractions OR the dentures.Neither was needed.
And OUT the Goddess popped.
I said" Wait a minute...What was all that emergency crap you told me last month? So all that was a LIE???

Then she started backpeddling and all and was trying to say she didn't say all that- but I have the damn paperwork they gave me that she wrote up herself saying EXACTLY what teeth needed to be pulled and all to prove it.
And I told her so.

She tried to change the subject and said "Well, you have a filling in the tooth that's broken off that we can replace today and then..."
And I told her " you ain't. What's gonna happen is I'm gonna go home now and decide if I wanna sue your ass for all the stress you put me thru....AND I want a refund for all the work thats NOT gonna be done now and I want it TODAY."
I am STILL pissed about it. And I still havent decided what I'm gonna do- other than find a new dentist.