Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Finally....The Den.

 This is the before photo from the realty listing.......there was no wardrobes when we moved in, just a small chest of drawers and two side tables.....I was not a happy camper at all!! Luckily my sweet hubby saved the day(and my sanity) by ordering a matching set for us both!! Now we have plenty of room for our clothes....Well, the in season stuff. The rest is stored away on that ledge you see in the next photo over the wardrobes and chests. Fantastic!!!
 This is it now. Instead of a Master Bedroom it's the den, and it still needs artwork on the walls, but the furniture is in place.
......and from another angle. Eventually a TV will go in front of the poster on top of the chest of drawers. I think this is my fav room....altho the living room bay windows are still my fav feature.

I'll work on getting some photos of the Living room and Bedroom up soon. I was hoping to get some things up on the wall before I did that, but it could be a while.

We'll just call this the Middlin' Stage of decorating......all the big stuff in place, but  the little tweaks still needing finishing up.
I still think it's absolutely a Paradise!!! 

The other end of the room is where we will set up our Dining Table/Desk, but since it isn't done yet, I'll wait to show it to yall. K?


Michael Dodd said...

Loving it!

Michael Dodd said...
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Michael Dodd said...

Thanks for the link to your other photos. I am enjoying them. I think the one for the competition (red hot night) was hot indeed!

I hope you realize that lots (most?) of the photos I post are not ones I took myself. I have a friend from school who takes fantastic nature photos. He is an insurance agent by day and quite an artist in his off hours.