Sunday, August 18, 2013

Light At The End Of The Tunnel?....

Fingers crossed, this coming Friday I have my follow-up doc appointment for my foot. Hopefully, I can come off the crutches and get back to my weight loss regime. I bet I have gained the half stone back I lost in the beginning of this mess.

I have mixed feelings about being off the crutches too. On the one hand, It's going to be wonderful to be able to go for my walks again and do my workout videos(altho I know I'll have to STILL take it kind of easy for a few more weeks til my foot is healed completely.) On the other hand, they had to move me downstairs at my office until I come off the crutches and the area I'm in now is SOOOOO much better than where I was at. Upstairs, I'm in an area where there is almost a hundred people in a HUGE room. Cubicles. Open atmosphere and all talking on the phones...trying to out talk(in loudness) everyone else ....and it gets louder and louder and louder!!! The gentleman who sits next desk to me is a bit hard of hearing- and a loud talker to boot. I come home almost every day with a headache...either one beginning or a full blown one from listening to him bellow all day.

Where I am now is usually about 15 people on any given day- 18 altogether. And everyone downstairs is so nice. It was almost two weeks before they moved me downstairs.......during that time only ONCE did anyone offer to bring me a coffee or glass of water or get me something when the sandwich lady came by. Downstairs, I get asked at least 6 times a DAY if I would like anything brought to me. Everyone down there talks about things and include me in the conversations...whether it's about work, or their homelife. I've been taught a few things about the systems and the people who work in the different departments that have helped me immensely with my understanding of the company and how it works and the interactions of the departmentswithin the company. I've got more of a BIG Picture mentalitiy than I did before because during the two weeks I've been down there, I've interacted with more people both IN and OUT of the company than I have in the entire time I've been upstairs since I started working almost a year ago!!! People down there have taken the time to ask me if I have any questions- and more importantly, to listen and give me the answers....and THEN some.

In case you haven't got it yet-I'm going to miss everyone downstairs when I go back up......there will most probably be tears.

Ah, least there is things and people I like being around upstairs. They will help make the re-transition easier.

But for now- I'm going to enjoy what will probably be my last week downstairs.

Who knows.....maybe the doc will think I need a couple more weeks to heal before tackling the stairs on a daily basis. 


Michael Dodd said...

And with any luck, maybe some of the things you have learned in your downstairs sojourn will make life upstairs better when you get back there. Hope so!

Sunny said...

True, are a wise man!!! :-)

Michael Dodd said...

I bet I have gained the half stone back I lost in the beginning of this mess.

Seriously, have you been in the UK long enough to speak about "half stone" in any context other than broken geological formations?

I had to go check to see what this was in good old South Carolina pounds. It turned out that my vague memory about it was right, to my surprise.

Now if I just figure out what a peck converts to -- except for a quick kiss, of course -- I'll be as smart as I was in fourth grade!

Sunny said...

LOL- Unfortunatle, I've been forced to convert or I would never have conversations with anyone over here, Michael.....I say I lost a few pounds and they think I'm talking about MONEY and offer to help me find it!! Deadly serious!!! It's still all quite confusing to me sometimes. And yep- I agree- a peck is a quick kiss to me too!! ;-)

Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

Sorry to read about your injury! Hope it's better by now. Any chance you could stay downstairs? They sound much nicer! ;-)

Sunny said...