Monday, July 29, 2013

Cabin Fever....ALREADY.

This is my world view now. 
Only one week down and I'm already having nightmares that Doctor Chaotica has captured me. He then proceeded to put me-NOT in a CELL- but in a huge contraption that looked like a hospital morgue body cooler, but the body coolers were the size and shape of a huge bank of oversized rural mailboxes. Just big enough to be placed IN, but no room to wiggle so much as a finger or toe. 
He said I had to be placed in one of those and my punishment time was 4-6 weeks. 
Sound Familiar?
 The exact length of time that I have to stay on crutches and not put weight on my broken foot.
I told Doctor Chaotica that I couldn't possibly do that because I was claustraphobic and I would DIE if I couldn't move around and begged him to put me in a cell.
Of course he wouldn't and I woke up gasping for breath as they closed the door on that tiny little breadbox of a punishment hole.

I'm going to go nuts before this is done and dusted!

On the upside, I was able to wear a dress I had tried on a month ago and was too tight to get on OR back off once I saw it was still too small. I was in floods of tears.
Today it went on easily, went off easily- and then back on again for the day!! 
I figure I have lost at least 10 lbs(almost a stone)
 in the past month for the dress to be this loose on me now.

I guess all that upper body workout propelling myself around on those stupid crutches does have its benefits after all.

And BTW- if anyone tells you that one little change doesn't have that big an effect on your diet- they're LYING.
When I first put my mind to losing this weight I stopped drinking regular sugary soda and only drank water or Diet Coke/(or any sugar free soda).
 I dropped 15 lbs in the first month and that's the ONLY change I had made at that point. 
One small change at a time.

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