Sunday, July 28, 2013

Get Naked & Take Pictures!!!!

Okay, so by now I know everyone's heard about the David Cameron Internet Pornography Debacle.

I want to know just how far this is going to extend. And I think a LOT of people are wondering the same thing. I also think this is thin ice material.

See, I like to take pictures- as in photographs. And I photograph a LOT of stuff....Landscapes, trees, insects, people, food...etc. I've also been thinking about dabbling in some Boudoir Photography. I think I would be good at taking those kinds of photographs.....tastefully done, you know? Is Boudoir Photography considered a type of soft porn? I don't think so- but some of my relatives would VERY STRONGLY disagree.

Now, I can see people not wanting their kids seeing porn on the internet, but isn't that what PARENTS are for? To police their OWN childrens lives? Since WHEN is it the governments job to do that? And it's a really slippery slope when government wants to take CONTROL of or CENSOR ANYTHING. Once they have been allowed to censor ONE thing in our lives, a precendent has been set.
 How far does this ban go? Hard core? Soft core? Anything with a nipple showing...or a butt?

Then how far will it go afterwards?????...Too much leg? No Abs showing? No Backless photos, please. And in some cultures(some people from those cultures that live here in THIS country, too - as well as many OTHER countries) women can't even show their hair or faces except for their eyes.

Where do they draw the line? And why aren't more people objecting to this?

I'll tell you EXACTLY for why. Because the majority of people either don't look at porn (or more likely don't want to admit that they do )and therefore they say/think it doesn't affect them.

They'll bloody well be singing a different tune when the police come knocking at their doors because they posted a photo of Junior and his girlfriend(who was wearing a strapless mini frock) going to the prom because the little lady was showing her shoulders and too much leg. No cute naked baby(on his/her tummy) after their bath photos either. No photos of the family frolicking in the waves  or lounging on the beach in their swimwear on holidays either.

Then what's going to come next? Books that contain anything worse than wait- that would be considered a racist phrase in some cultures......How about Dern. Or Darn.  No words containing anything refering to genitailia either. I can see Book Burnings in the makings.
How about so called "Indecent" clothing? No shorts(too much leg), no tank tops(too much arm and shoulder exposed).....No lacy undies(Someone might see a strap or a peek of the lace and get excited!)...No stockings, that's lingerie, people!!! Only thick cotton or wools allowed for any and all clothing- all other tyes of materials are just too suggestive and could drive otherwise intelligent, sane people to all manner of deviant behavior!

It's madness to let this thing go thru, people....We are one step away from something we don't even want to name!!!

Open your eyes and your mouths- because even if you don't look at porn, this IS going to affect you eventually.

Mark My Words.

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Michael Dodd said...

"The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen." Or to look.
~Tommy Smothers