Sunday, July 07, 2013

Another Walk In The Park.....

 I follow ThatNikonGuy...both on his website and on FaceBook.
 His advice on one of his videos is to switch things up a bit. If you do portraits, try landscapes. Well, I photograph mostly landscapes...cityscapes..holidayscapes.....nature shots......just about ANYTHING  but people. I don't have the patience to work with people, especially when it comes to DIVAs.

But I needed a challenge....something to take me out of my comfort zone and I decided to give photographing people a whirl today and went for another walk in the local park. 
Before heading out, I even messaged Matt-(ThatNikonGuy)-and asked for advice on how to approach people to get their permission to photograph them. I'm a bit shy when I first meet people so I really needed a bit of direction......

 His advice- walk up, introduce yourself, say you're taking pictures and you'd love to take theirs, smile and take it. He said some people will say yes, some will say no- but nos are no biggie.
One of my 'chosen sisters' reminded me that her REAL sister and one of MY 'chosen sisters' asks, then offers to send the best of the best to them via email-if they would like.

So off I went to the park and I did EXACTLY as they both said.
Worked like a charm. I think, however, that women can get by with the email thing with less suspicion than guys could tho.

Anyway, here are the best of the best for today's outing before my Camera Battery ran down and I had to come back home for a re-charge.


  Mike had the CUTEST Corgie, but the doggie ran off.
 Ummm...Wrong way wanna go DOWNSTREAM.
 I told you it was the wrong way.
 Curmudgeon. Didn't much like having his photo taken by a stranger even if she was way off taking it with a zoom lens. This one had eagle eyes, he did.
Happy to oblige once he heard my Southern accent and had a bit of a chat with me. :-)
 Victory!(They had lost the ball on the brambles and had one HECK of a time getting it free!)
 Soaking up the rays....
 Happliy Ever After.....
Lost in Thought...



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Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

Great photos!! And the Southern accent will work every time! ;-)