Thursday, September 05, 2013

This & That......

I've been so out of sorts lately. Not being able to be out and about, mobile, like I'm used to. Despite that, tho- I'm losing some more weight with the help of my diet buddy at work- Leanne.  And despite not being very mobile I've still managed to get some photography done every week/weekend to put on my blog. I haven't entered the photography competition in a couple of months- I just haven't had the interest to do the challenges in the topics he's chosen. Maybe next month. Septembers is community and we just might happen upon something I could use for an entry.

I've been depressed off and on for the past month or so- no big surprise there either. Clay's angelversary was August 26th- and my Dad's is September 24th. So they've been on my mind a lot too. It hasn't helped that Paul and I have been watching the series FRINGE and we watched the final episode on Monday. It was sad- the central characters are a father and son(along with a female lead but she didnt really figure in my equasion) and altho it didn't upset me terribly while I was watching it, when I went to bed that night I just began sobbing and shaking uncontrollably. Poor hubby knows this time of year is an emotional one for me- and I do just burst into tears at odd times- and as usual, he gathered me into his arms and comforted me until I began to calm and settle down enough to sleep. Bless him, he has always been my rock and I absolutely worship the very ground he walks on.

Also-I've been stationed downstairs in my hubby's department at work during my time of disability(I know y'all are probably sick to death of hearing about my stupid broken foot and believe me- I cannot WAIT to move on to something else come Saturday!!!) and tomorrow(Friday) is going to be my final day stationed down there. I really am going to miss the camaraderie down there with that group. They've all been so nice and really made me feel a part of the group- and sometimes making me feel at home and comfortable with a group of people is not the easiest thing to do, but they somehow managed it in the 5 short weeks I've been down there with them. I know there will probably be more tears tomorrow when it's time to leave. I'm going to take my camera(as usual) and try and get a group photo so I can put it up in my cubicle upstairs as a memento of my time with those sweet people.

Our trip home was tentatively planned for Thanksgiving time.......but has had to be postponed until around February or March. We got looking at flights and prices for them and it was going to take every bit of our savings to get flights for us during the holidays.So, we decided to save for a few more months and then get the less expensive flights after the holiday rush- and still have some emergency funds to put back for a rainy day.
My daughter and mom aren't exactly thrilled with the change, but as adults, they understand why we decided to do what we did.
Maybe someday in the future they will be able to work it out to come over to visit us.

So.....speaking of the holidays..........It's cooling off here and the trees are getting a bit more color to them every day. I can't wait. I absolutely adore Autumn. You would think I would love Winter as much as I love Christmas- but I don't. I do love the holiday, but for me, Autumn is the epitome of seasonal perfection. Not too warm, not too cold, no really nasty weather. Just  lovely smells and colors bursting everywhere you turn. My house always smells of Apples and cinnamon and smoke(the good wood-burning fireplace kind- not ciggies). I love being able to wear cardigans and sweater dresses and turtlenecks and jeans and boots and long skirts and leggings scarves and hats and fluffy fuzzy flannel pajamas.  Not  to forget drinking spiced cider and hot cocoa and toasting marshmallows over a bonfire on crisp autumn evenings. Long walks in the evenings or on the weekends just to drink in the beauty of this beautiful world we live in. Raking leaves..........and jumping in them and scattering them all over just to have to rake them up all over again.

Yes...I AM a child at heart, and I pray I never grow up and become so bitter and jaded that I forget to see the beauty I enjoy now.

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