Saturday, September 14, 2013

We're Having a Visitor From AMERICA!!!!

I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!
My sweet Grandson, Christopher, is sending me his friend- Flat Stanley!!! I'm expecting Stanley to arrive around next Friday and he will be here for a few days. I'm so excited to have him as a guest!!
I've been thinking about where to go and what to show him while he's here...and there will be lots of photos taken of everything we do as well as a journal for him to share with Christopher when he gets back home in South Carolina!!!
I'm thinking if he gets here before Friday, he can go to work with me and Paul and meet all the people we work with. Have a few Photos taken there with the office-mates  here in Manchester, England.
Then- Saturday he can go to Tesco food shopping with us. Again, more photos.....
Then Saturday afternoon or Sunday I was thinking we could take him on a Photo walk- to the Northenden Park if it's just me- or maybe to Didsbury Village if it's me AND Paul and we could have lunch at a sidewalk cafe or a pub  and get some street photography in as well. Let Stanley taste a little of the local flavors.
Then Stanley could have a day chilling and relaxing at home while Paul and I are at work before going to the post office to see him off on his trip back to South Carolina to share his adventure with Christopher and his classmates at school.
What an awesome idea his teacher had for learning world geography!!!!!!!
Thank you Christopher for sharing your friend Flat Stanley with me and Poppi Paul!!!!


Michael Dodd said...

Tom and I had the pleasure of showing Flat Matthew (the way our friend's school did it) a few years back. We even created a blog for him and posted on the pictures and stories online. Round Matthew and his classmates followed Flat Matthew's adventures online. It was lots of fun for all of us. Here is a link
Just remember that the last post shows up first ...
Enjoy your time with Flat Stanley. It is so cool that Christopher can send Flat Stanley on an adventure in Great Britain.

Michael Dodd said...

PS -- Got you back "in sorts", didn't it!

Lavada said...

LOL- apparently, yes. hahaha